Shakur's announcement will have to wait

Cattracks spoke with America's No. 1 ranked point guard prospect, Mustafa Shakur, and found out some interesting details about his visit to North Carolina State this weekend.

L At this point in time, the best way to describe his situation is to call it a "dead heat". Let me preface this by saying that Cattracks spoke to Shakur while driving, so exact quotes will not be used for accuracy purposes. However, here is basically what was said.

Shakur definitely enjoyed himself this weekend in Raleigh. He was able to play with the NC State team in pickup games and said that it was a good experience. In fact, he said it was very similar to his experience when he visited the UA campus two weeks ago.

The difference between his liking the two schools came in the players he got to hang out with. At Arizona, he said, he was around all of the player the majority of the time and felt closer with them all as a group. At NC State, he told us that he was nearly always with just Julius Hodge.

The 6-3 point from Wynnewood, PA said that he would feel comfortable playing for either Lute Olson at Arizona or Herb Sendek at NC State. His exact words were, "I couldn't go wrong playing for either (coach)."

Immediate playing time is not as much of a factor as most would think. The Wolfpack offer the opportunity to play right away more so than Arizona does but Shakur has the competitive attitude that has made him such a winner in his short career. He wants nothing "given" to him and said that he would rather earn what the time he does get.

A decision from Shakur was thought to be imminent after his return from down South but he now wants to take a break to think things through before making his choice known. Committing because of emotion was never part of his plan and say he'll announce his decision at a press confenence "at the end of this week or next week." It takes the emotional factor out of it.

Shakur said the decision would be his alone and he won't rely on others. He's made a very thorough investigation of both Arizona and NC State. What it all comes down to is where he feels more comfortable.

Arizona's a long history of consistently sending players to the NBA (particularly guards) "does" play a factor in his thinking.

Even so, he liked North Carolina State very much and says if he had to choose today he couldn't because he just didn't know. "It was a very tough decsion,he said.

Much more to come throughout the week.

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