Advanced Skills Camp Day 2

Day two at the Arizona Advanced Skills camp was a long one. The Players were on the court at 10:00 a.m. and finally headed back to the hotels for good at 8:00. In between there were a lot of drills, a lot of scrimmaging and even some NBA pick-up games.

The day saw many of the same players shine as the day before, but a few new players turned some heads.

Early in the day the players went through a lot of drills. We saw the Arizona coaches doing a lot of coaching, including a lot of defense being taught by new assistant Kevin O'Neil.

After a series of half court, fast break and defensive drills the team began scrimmaging again.

The rest of the day would continue in a similar fashion. A combination of drills and games, with the former and current Cats playing pick-up between sessions.

The Peyton Siva/Abdul Gaddy battle never developed. Instead the two were on each other's team most of the day. In fact, those two, along with Hollis Thompson were teammates all day long. Early in the day David Wear played with them, while the later part of the day saw the newly arrived Matt Carlino playing alongside the talented team.

Siva continues to play with flash and style. The undersized guard amazed many onlookers with some impressive dunks in warm-ups. He didn't dunk in games, but did continue to attack the hoop. He has shown the ability to pass well, especially on the break and was knocking down his threes.

Gaddy is less likely to attack the hoop, but when he did he was effective. He has a very soft shot and does a good job distributing the ball.

The two proved they could indeed play together, which could make things interesting. The two get along well and have several schools in common. It will be interesting to see if the two best point guards on the West Coast would consider going to the same school. After two days the best player at the camp is probably Hollis Thompson. The long, athletic wing is a five-star player is playing with a ton of confidence. He is active around the basket, but had his long range jumper working as well.

Matt Carlino can flat out play the game. He has a fantastic feel for things, can play any of the backcourt spots and showed off a nice tough from the outside. I am still amazed that a kid that well put together, with such a great understanding of the game, has yet to play a high school basketball game.

Xavier Thames and Jason Morris made their presence known. Thames is another 2009 guard who is starting to develop his game. Morris is a 2010 prospect who looks like he can be a player down the line.

Brendan Lavender continues to play his best ball of the summer. He is playing with far more confidence than I have seen all summer. The jumper, especially, seems to benefit from his confidence.

There is no doubt that Kendall Williams is a competitive player. He was visibly upset in a game where his team lost due to a lack of defensive effort. After he witnessed Lavender upset after a loss later in the session he walked over and commiserated with the Arizona-bound wing.


*After playing in the morning, the Wear twins merely watched the evening session.

*Carlino arrived for the afternoon session.

*Miles Simon took a few runs with the players. The Wildcat assistant showed that he can still play.

*A team made up of Carlino, Thompson, Sive, Gaddy, Morris and Simon won five consecutive games, allowing them to hold court for well over 30 minutes.

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