Former Cats strut stuff for recruits

The prospects were not the only ones playing on Friday. Although the big game is Sunday, A number of future, current and past Wildcats took the afternoon to play pick-up.

It was a virtual who's-who of former Wildcats on hand. While some of the players from the 1988 team looked on, a host of Wildcat greats played pick-up games in front of the Elite Skills campers.

It was like it was 1994 all over again to start the pick-up session. A team made up of 1994 Final Four teammates Reggie Geary, Joe McClean, Corey Williams and Joseph Blair were joined by Gene Edgerson and the pairing was quite successful. They won the first two games of the session before being edged by a team made up of Nic Wise, Jordan Hill, Chase Budinger, Jerryd Bayless and Richard Jefferson.

In that third game Hill had two monster dunks and Chase added a breakaway jam of his own before Jefferson iced things with a three.

Jefferson showed up a little late thanks to a press conference where he announced a $3.5 million donation to the program.

Budinger spent a lot of time down low on the day. The wing showed off some post moves that were not part of his game a year ago.

In one match-up Bayless hit a long three to tie things up at five, leading Jason Terry to exclaim, "guard him, he's a shooter!"

The team made up of current Wildcats finally fell to Terry's team when the Dallas Mavericks' standout hit two straight jumpers, including the game winner. After the final shot, the ever entertaining Terry turned to the crowd, raise his arms and yelled "two in a row, give it up!"

Bayless and Terry would battle in the day's best game. Early on Bayless slipped while attempting to dunk and missed badly. He quickly recovered and buried a pair of threes.

Bayless and Terry got into it later in that same game. Bayless contested a foul call by Terry and was vocal about it. Terry seemingly ignoring Bayless, gave the ball to Laval Lucas-Perry, letting the freshman shoot a "make it, take it" three to settle the dispute. Lucas-Perry's shot missed and Terry's team got the ball.

Terry took it right at Bayless, but Bayless was right there defensively. Terry never got around Bayless, but finally pulled up and buried a jumper that Bayless defended perfectly.

Bayless and Terry would take turns attacking each other, but the younger guard never completely fell into the "one-upsmanship" trap. On one possession he got by Terry only to find Blair waiting. Instead of forcing the shot, he made a bounce pass between his legs to Lucas-Perry who scored the easy basket.

After the games Terry was impressed with Bayless.

"He didn't back down," Terry said. "That is the way it is supposed to be. When I first came here as a freshman Damon (Stoudamire) did it to me."

Among those not playing included Jud Buechler, Harvey Mason, Sean Elliott, Justin Wessell, Bennett Davison and Kevin Flanigan. Terry, Elliott and Jefferson took turns talking to the campers. After the games, Lucas-Perry had his father take his photo with a number of the former Wildcats. Mason took a long time talking to Lucas-Perry, telling the freshman that he was really impressed with his attitude, pointing to a blocked shot attempt where he went right after and older player.

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