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The Fizz is no Jimmy the Greek. Still, I called the Steelers' most recent Super Bowl run, Arizona's run to the National Title in 1997 and Arizona's upset of then #1 Washington in 1992. What's the relevance? Vegas currently has Arizona's season over/under win total at 6.5. The Fizz loves these odds as much as Gordon Gecko loves Blue Star. That's the relevance.

If you're a man and you're like me, you're probably on the same quest as I, a never ending search for the perfect shave. We'll, maybe you're not but I know at least one other perfect shave seeker on this planet who is and that's my buddy Jeff. We haven't had any conversations lately about shaving but there was a time when he and I set out to test all products and product lines in search of the ideal shave. I've tried Lab Series and hated it. They have this shaving cream that literally numbs your face. Great idea, right! Wrong. You're so numb you don't realize that you've got more nicks and cuts then that B-actor in Airplane who decided to shave during the turbulent thunderstorm scene. I've also tried Zihr and actually liked this brand for a while. The face wash is this molasses-like honey butter that's absolutely divine (please tell me I didn't just write this sentence). Combine that with their pre-shave oil, shaving cream and after-shave moisturizer with tea leaves and your face is smoother than a baby's tush. My favorite product line and the one I've been using for about two years now is Clarins for Men. They offer the widest selection of products from deodorant and shampoo to an under eye cream that is unparalleled in the under eye cream market. I know, you're probably thinking a thousand things right now and the one at the top of your list is who cares? Well, you should care because Costco right now is running the kind of special you only find at a Costco or a Sam's Club. The special is a four pack set from the Art of Shaving that includes a tub of shaving cream, pre-shave oil, after-shave balm and a shaving brush (something I've always wanted). You get all this, and a great shave, for just $39.99. Although it'll take a lot to get me to switch from Clarins, I'm willing to give the Art of Shaving a try. So Jeff a.k.a. Gordo a.k.a. Flex a.k.a. Flex-All, if you're reading this, the game's back on. Tag, because you're now it.

Our football editor touched on it in his inaugural Bonney's Baker's Dozen article – which was fantastic by the way – and it's something that's been bothering me heading into the football season. What am I talking about? Special teams play. With Nick I'm Kicking This Ball Off and You're Going to Watch It Sail Through the Goal Post and Like It Folk now playing for the Dallas Cowboys and the fact that kickoffs will be moved back to the 30-yard line, I'm a tad worried about our coverage teams. In watching the Rewind of our game against BYU last season, the Cougars had great success in returning punts against the ‘Cats which enabled them to gain much better field position then they should have. DeSean Jackson from Cal took one to the house against UA last season and several others were darn close if it wasn't for some shoestring tackles. Arizona's depth in the secondary should enable special teams coach Joe Robinson to use guys like Nate Ness, Devin Ross and Michael Klyce on these units if he wishes and he just might have to if others don't step up and cover their lanes.

Before I get to more Arizona football, it's time for me to give you my Best Band You May Not Have Heard of Yet: The Guggenheim Grotto. Trust me. Go to, download some tunes and find out when they're in town. "I think I love you," and "Told You So," are two of my favorites. These guys are from Ireland, but tour the States often so hopefully you'll be able to catch their act soon.

I know of at least five close friends who are going to want to club me over the head when they read what I'm about to write but here goes nothing. I'm feelin' Arizona this season. I'm feelin' 9-3, or better. The last time I had this feeling my Steelers won five straight and won the Super Bowl out of nowhere so there's some positive history here. Fans from other teams who visit our message boards rip on us Arizona homers because they keep holding this bad offense thing over our heads. Quite frankly, it'll be hard to produce worse offensive statistics this year, or any year for that matter, as the one's we posted in 2006. Let us not forget that last season Arizona had three straight games (USC, Washington and UCLA) where they rushed for negative yards. It doesn't get any worse than that. For me, I think this is the year Willie Tuitama evolves the most. He's played parts of two seasons and realistically, if Mackovic hadn't recruited a bunch of weak-minded quarterbacks who fled our school at the first sign of a "Quarterback Competition" then Tui would have been able to learn our offense while observing from the sidelines like just about every other freshman and sophomore in the country. Instead, we had to throw him to the wolves with a young and inexperienced offensive line serving as his only protection while receiver after receiver ran 15-yard out patterns. This season, we have a new offensive coordinator who utilizes a system known for protecting the quarterback. The O-line is a bit older, yes. But the real key is the switch from a zone blocking scheme to man blocking scheme which will better serve both our passing and running games. Third, Tui is older, more mature and has hopefully learned the art of taking a hit while "not really" taking a hit. He's dropped some weight, which should help his mobility. He also has a string of taller receivers to connect with while still having the speedy, tough and versatile Michael Thomas to do the dirty work that Steptoe did last season. Add all this up and I'm looking for a top 50 offense. Combine a top 50 offense that averages about 25.0 PPG with our top 15 national defense and unless they do something ridiculous like lead the country in turnovers, a 9-win season is not that hard to imagine.

My wife and I just had a lengthy discussion about bath towels and where all the bath towels in our home have gone. I swear we lose towels like others lose socks in the dryer. I can't explain it. I'm going to slip on a pair of blue jeans one day and find a towel hiding in the pant leg, I just know it.

For those of you super athletes with entourages please take heed to what's happening to Michael Vick. So many have guessed as to why Vick was so nonchalant about these charges when they were first presented. Was he in shock? Disbelief? Did he think he had done nothing wrong, or maybe underestimated the outrage killing dogs would stir amongst the masses? I don't know. Maybe those theories are true. What I think is that Vick thought that there was no way his boys, his entourage if you will, would roll over on him as quickly as they did. After all, he's been carrying these guys for years, brought them to the big games, the big parties, let them live in the big house. He probably expected them to take the heat for this, deny that Vick had any involvement whatsoever, spend a couple years in jail, get out, and then be reimbursed by Vick for the rest of their lives for being loyal. WRONG. Vick's co-defendants wasted little time in not only implicating Vick but basically blaming him for every facet of the entire operation. Nice. This is what Vick gets. This is how superstars are repaid by their entourages. You give, give, give and when it's finally time to ask for a little something in return you get fingered – literally. All I'm saying is that if I was some rich cat with a bunch of tagalongs who participate in criminal activities, I'd say right about now would be the perfect time to conduct a thorough audit of everyone's loyalty to me.

In Story Disclaimer: In no way does the Fizz condone dog fighting or the use of entourages who participate in criminal activities.

While on the topic of dogs my Shitzu, Bella, is actually a better tackler today than she was a year ago. Last year I compared her tackling abilities to UA's Spencer Larsen and USC's Rey Maualuga. This year, she looks more like a young Ray Lewis. It's amazing what a little off season conditioning can do. Personally, I attribute it to watching game film. You see, my wife leaves the house before me each morning and always turns the TV channel to Fine Living for the dogs. She claims it's the perfect channel because the show hosts are always talking. Little does my wife know but I usually change the channel to the NFL Network for the dogs before I leave because let's face it, they do nothing but talk on that channel. Anyway, I mention this because I think Bella spends her afternoons breaking down game film and doing wind sprints. Whatever she's doing, my other dog Rocky is paying the price for it.

Welcome to Arizona Abdul Gaddy! The 6-3/170 lb. five-star recruit has verbally committed to the Wildcats for the 2009 class. With fellow five-star studs like Jerryd Bayless (2007 class) and Brandon Jennings (2008 class) in, or soon-to-be heading to, Tucson, it looks like Point Guard U is very much back, baby!

Goodness gracious. I just heard that David Wells will most likely be joining the Dodgers on Sunday. What the Dodgers really need is a left-handed power hitter. You don't think they could possibly think that Wells plays first base or something. I mean I could see how they could make that mistake. After all, he does kind of look like a husky first baseman. But seriously, the Dodgers do know he's a washed up pitcher, right?

MLB has been unbelievable this season. From records being broken that were once viewed as unattainable, to milestone achievements, tight pennant races, amazing games and mind-boggling feats like Texas' 30 runs in the opening game of their Wednesday double-header, I can't ever remember a wilder or more exciting season. At a point in my life where the Montreal Expos fallout has hit me the hardest, I'm grateful for this season. I was really beginning to question myself as to why I didn't like baseball anymore and fortunately, the sport has given me about a thousand reasons to take interest again so many thanks to the players on the field.

What's even greater is the little leaguers are riding the bandwagon and providing us fans with a pretty exciting Little League World Series playoff run as well. Thursday alone, two games ended with walk off home runs. Tears…jubilation…leaps into home plate…guys laid out on the field…now that's baseball!

I still can't get enough of Shaq's ESPN commercial, but I've got a new one to add to my running list of nominees. It's the Miller Hi-life series where the beer delivery guys are repossessing Miller Hi-life beer cases and kegs from retailers who offer overpriced services. The commercial I really like is when the delivery guys raid a restaurant for charging too much for a hamburger. The spot ends with the tag line, "$11.50 for a hamburger. Ya'll must be out your mind."

Editor's Side Note: I would rather drink Castrol oil from a rusty can than drink a Miller Hi-life.

I've got a sneaking suspicion that USA Basketball might actually win gold in 2008. Assuming Kobe and LeBron make the trip, I think this is a given the way the squad is currently going Harlem Globetrotters against the competition in the FIBA World Championships.

I'll be in The Center for the New Mexico game and I can't wait. Dirtburgers and well drinks at Dirtbags, pints of Guinness at The Auld Dubliner, warm drafts of stale Coors at The Buffet. Should be a blast. Still, it won't quite be the same as in years past because our other friends who normally accompany us apparently have more important things to do like litigate court cases, have babies and stuff like that. Anyway, since the trip won't be our usual Beerfest, my buddy Troy and I are going to attempt to pull off a true Tucson golf trifecta. As it stands, we have tee-times at Starr Pass on Wednesday, Arizona National on Thursday and Vistoso on Friday. The kicker is we're pulling double duty and playing 36 at each venue. For you English majors, that's 108 holes of golf in three days. I sincerely hope that we can endure the Tucson heat to pull this off. I also hope my Stack & Tilt swing can hold up to the pressure of Troy's 7-handicap.

According to Rory Sabbatini, he's taking his golf game to the next level. I guess now he'll be able to come within five strokes of Tiger Woods the next time they go head-to-head. Maybe not though as the PGA's Mr. Glutton for Tiger's Punishment has yet again made a snide remark about Woods to the media in commenting how he guesses that some players don't need the $10 million dollar purse awarded to the winner of the FedEx Cup. Oh well, it's your life Rory.

For those keeping count, four exclamation marks were used in this week's Fizz. That's probably four to many.

Until next time…Bear Down!

Correction, make that five.

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