Bonney's Baker's Dozen

Football season is officially here and it feels like Christmas morning. The long wait through the vicious summer months is over and the season is officially under way as LSU takes on Mississippi State in Starkville. This week's addition of the Bakers Dozen will touch on many things football and even basketball recruiting, which I absolutely despise, so here we go.

There is no preface this week as I said my peace last week in the initial Bakers Dozen piece so let us delve into the mush I call an ASU educated brain.

ONE-- What is the best part about this upcoming weekend's season opener against BYU? Well in my opinion the best thing is our message boards will no longer be overpopulated with arrogant and spoiled Cougar fans spewing their Mountain West ‘knowledge'. Don't get me wrong there are some very good BYU posters that we welcome with open arms, guys like JLMcGregor bring real knowledge and common sense to the football discussion. But let's face it, most of the BYU posters are annoying. As a business man I like the fact they visit because it forces eyeballs on our website, but it also forces me to actually moderate and administrate our board.

TWO-- Expect to see Antoine Cason pulling some double duty this fall. Cason could/should be returning punts this season on top of his All-American cornerback duties. Cason has proven, al be it in practice, that he has very good abilities at returning kickoffs and punts and he is one of a few narrowed down candidates for the job. I love the move because you know Cason will give it everything he has and if he actually did make a mistake you can expect him to not make the same mistake again.

THREE-- Senior defensive end Louis Holmes missed 10 days of practice due to a concussion that he suffered in practice. The paranoia of the average message board inhabitant immediately kicked in and the conspiracy theories started hitting the boards. The funniest and most absurd one was that the concussion was in fact just a ploy to cover up the fact that Holmes was suspended for the BYU game as a result of his guilty plea in Scottsdale earlier this month. I told one source of mine about the theory and he almost vomited he was laughing so hard. I would quote this source but I would be violating the anti-profanity rules set forth by the higher ups at

FOUR-- Don't expect to see red shirt freshman defensive end D'Aundre Reed in action this weekend in Provo. Reed is suffering from a bad bruise that has stuck with him and has forced him to miss some practice time. The injured defensive end will have to wait to make his Wildcat debut.

FIVE-- Freshman quarterback Bryson Beirne will make the trip with his Wildcat teammates this week to Provo. The young signal caller is still listed fourth on the official depth chart but if injuries take place to the top two guys then the probability is very good that he would get the call over red shirt freshman Tyler Lyon. Beirne has shown a better grasp of the offense and has shown more consistency throughout fall camp.

SIX-- Former UA golfer Rory Sabbatini finally beat Tiger Woods. It doesn't really matter that Tiger wasn't in the Barclay's Tournament, Rory passed Tiger in the FedEx Cup standings. He was able to do it without having to open is big, arrogant, ignorant mouth either. We are proud of ya Rory!

SEVEN-- Former UA linebacker Lance Briggs ended his hold out from Bears Training Camp in mind boggling fashion. He responded to his new one year deal with the Bears by crashing his $350,000 Lamborghini and further embarrassing himself by leaving the scene. Who knows the real reason why Lance left the scene but either way it was a really dumb thing to do or the smartest thing he has ever done.

EIGHT-- This week former UA punter Danny Baugher was officially cut by the New England Patriots. This means that he is the second UA punter to leave the Patriot organization this fall. Baugher will catch on somewhere else, if he hasn't already, and will some day don a game day NFL uniform.

NINE-- Expect to see the 2008 recruiting class shrink by one in the coming weeks. One of the current commitments for the class will be forced to look elsewhere due to academics. I cannot release the name of the recruit as yet but I fully expect to lose this fine athlete to another school with lesser academic standards. It is unfortunate because Tucson was the perfect fit for this young man and he was one of my two favorite kids to talk to from this class.

TEN-- It was great to hear the Arizona Football program has finally fixed the problems in the academic support center. Add yet another thing that the John Mackovic regime completely destroyed. It has taken Mike Stoops more than three years to fix the problems in the support system but the fact that the system is fixed and the team GPA is up and was actually quite impressive for the summer sessions. Kudos to Stoops and the rest of the program officials inside McKale for fixing this important problem.

ELEVEN-- I have yet to hear back from our Creative Director and Basketball editor Gary Randazzo about whether or not he and his wife are going to pay for my therapy bills. It was him, I must remind you all, who forced me to do this weekly column of 13 tidbits. Granted he did not know that I have a distinct fear of the number 13 but he should still pay the mounting therapy bills. I keep waiting for the ‘My wife won't let me do it bro, I am sorry, but anyways how is the column coming?' response.

TWELVE-- Editor-In-Chief Brad Allis' wife helped me find out that I am our beloved Chicago Cubs ‘Bad Luck Guy'. For the past month or so I have been restricted from listening or watching Cubs games and it is killing me. I know the Cubs are in first and I hear they won tonight over the Brew Crew but I grew up watching the Cubbies with my mom and not being able to is literally eating me up inside. I am a team guy so I will tough it out but its hard, especially hard since I no longer partake in alcoholic beverages. Someone shoot me.

THIRTEEN(yuck)-- This is the one and only time I will mention basketball recruiting or a basketball recruit by name in this column. I so hate basketball recruiting that any time our shorter than normal editor even mentions basketball recruiting to me I throw up a little in my mouth. That said, I really love the addition of Abdul Gaddy to the 2009 recruiting class. I broke down and watched some film of this kid and I am going to go on record right now and say he will be a better point guard than Jerryd Bayless, Jason Gardner, Jason Terry and even Mike Bibby. In my opinion Gaddy has so much room for growth and his ceiling level is so high that he will prove to be the best point guard in the history of Arizona Basketball.

Mahalo y'all, Fat Irishman Out, GO CATS!

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