Notes from the Red Zone

Welcome to the very first "Views from the Red Zone." For those of you who don't know me (I'm guessing that's all of you) I'm diehard, face painting, hardhat wearing Arizona Wildcat superfan. If the Cats are playing at home, you can find me in the Red Zone with my fellow Zona Defenders.

Most games I'm in my seat at least an hour prior to the kick and I don't leave until every last member of the visiting team has left the field, head held down if it all works out right. The reason I'm writing this is not so much for the Xs and Os but to give the point of view of fans-like me. I'll leave the rest to Brad, Chris and the crew.

So what better week to start writing than with one of the best fan events of the year? Meet the team. The event, overall, was a lot of fun and I'll get into that in just a moment. But first I've got one question for you. This time of year, at 6 o'clock almost all of the stadium is in the shade. So what does the university do? They make the die hard fans watch from the only part of the stadium that was in the sun! I think I lost 10 pounds and smelled like a, well you know what I smelled like. Will someone answer me this question, why no seat the fans on the west side of the stadium?

On a side rant, am I the only person who thinks the tickets this year are really cool looking? Good job Mr. Livengood on that one.

I like to see the player signing stuff and interacting with kids (and the other fans too). This is a program that still needs to win over a fan base, if it ever really hopes to be one of the big boys one day. I hope someday to see the stadium full, even for a scrimmages. I hope to see a day when the best high school kids in Tucson talk about it always being a dream to play at the U of A, a team they grew up watching-just like you see in places like Columbus and Austin. It doesn't seem like you see that too often now.

So how do the Cats look this year? Well this time of year it's really hard to tell, but a few thoughts do come to mind. I find it very unlikely that the record will be worse then last year, if for no other reason then they don't play LSU. So with that logic they should be at least 6-6. At least. If they come up with fewer then six wins I would say this was the biggest letdown of a season since 1999- the year many thought they could win the Pac-10, but they didn't even make a bowl game.

Arizona has real chance to win all six of it's home games this year. UCLA will be the hardest. The Bruins could very well be without a loss when they come rolling into town. Who know how good Oregon is? NAU., Stanford and New Mexico should all be easy wins. I'm not sold on Washington State, I think Arizona should win, in Tucson for sure. Just for the sake of argument lets say do go undefeated at home. Plus a win at BYU and that's seven wins right there. If the Cats drop one at home they can still make it up with a road win at Washington, a team that shouldn't be that good, but has had the Cats number as of late. The could also look to Arizona State, a team they should be fired up to beat after back to back losses.

Overall I think it should be a great year for Arizona. At least when looking at what we have been used to over the past seven years. There is no reason Arizona shouldn't go bowling. I don't know about you, but I can't wait!

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