BYU/Arizona: 10 top storylines

If the start of the season is not a big enough story, the match-up between Arizona and BYU provides plenty of drama. Here are the top-10 storylines for the game between the Cougs and the Cats.

1. Max Hall
The BYU quarterback will be taking his first collegiate snaps against a potent Arizona offense. He has a good pedigree, and his stay in Tempe adds extra flavor to this game, but how will he do? Can he step right in for John Beck, one of the best QB's in BYU's storied history? Or will there be a lot of growing pains?

2. Pass Rush
If there is one question about the Arizona defense it is the pass rush. Last year the Cats were not a team that had a lot of sacks, but they were also more conservative in the pass rush. Interestingly enough, one of their best pass rush games came in week one against the Cougars.

3. Tuitama
Not only is Willie Tuitama overcoming an injury plagued season, but he is breaking in a new offense. Although Tuitama has a year and a half more experience than Hall, he has almost as many questions, not the very least his injury issues.

4. Collie vs. Cason
Much has been made about BYU's comments about Arizona All-American Antoine Cason. Although they were not as inflammatory as many have made them out to be, it certainly sets up a nice match-up between the UA's best player and the deep threat of the Cougars.

5. Special Teams
The Cats will feature a new kicker, punter, holder, punt returner and kick returner. The good news is that they kept their special teams coordinator and long snapper, other than that there are a ton of questions.

6. Offensive line
The Wildcats offensive line really struggled last year. However they started three redshirt freshmen and also had two players fighting through injuries. This year the line is a year older, MUCH healthier and has a new, simplified scheme. If the line plays better, expect the offense to improve. If they resemble last year's line, watch out.

7. Chris Jennings
The former walk-on battled and won the starting job. While many are skeptical of the senior, it must be noted that he only had 168 yards less on the ground than Chris Henry who is now with the Tennessee Titans. More importantly, he caught just about everything that was thrown his way in the spring and fall camp.

8. BYU offense
We know that they know offense in Provo. However, they lost their leading passer, rusher and receiver. John Beck and Johnny Harline were special players, and Curtis Brown was a very good runner. That being said, there is a lot of talent and experience there.

9. Louis Holmes
Holmes came in with a lot of hype and despite being named second team All-Pac-10, most felt his first season in Tucson was a disappointment. He turned down a chance to go pro and is a player who is being looked at to lead the defense. If the pass rush is going to improve, Holmes will be a reason why.

10. Air Zona
The name crafted by one Tucson newspaper for the new Wildcat offense could very well be accurate. All eyes will be on the new spread offense and just how much it will mimic the pass happy scheme that Texas Tech runs or will it be something else. More importantly, how soon will the scheme start paying dividends

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