Ebi - A coach's perspective

Ndudi Ebi came to Houston's Westbury Christian in the seventh grade and has been a big part of the school's basketball program since that time. Greg Glenn, his coach at Westbury, might know Ebi better than anyone.

"Indy has been playing on the varsity since he was a freshman," Glenn said. "At first he played on the JV team and the varsity. But obviously he's made a large impact on our program."

Westbury Christian has always been one of the Houston area's top basketball programs, but it was during Ebi's sophomore season that the team gained national recognition.

"Indy was very talented as a sophomore," Glenn said. "But we had the best senior class we've ever had. Four seniors on that team went on to play college basketball."

Ebi can play anywhere on the court. He has tremendous timing, making him a prolific shot blocker and rebounder when playing in the post. But he can step out, put the ball on the floor and create a shot from the perimeter. If his defender plays off him, Ebi will stick the three-pointer. He's simply can not be guarded one-on-one. He also has the foot speed to guard smaller wing players.

Ebi works hard on his game and the it's the effort he puts into his improvement that catches the eye those who have watched him grow as a player.

"His role has continued to evolve," Glenn said. "He started in the post and as he became more skilled he's been able to play on the perimeter. He's a very special player. Everyone notices his athleticism and the talent, but he's just very skilled and he's very coachable. He's just fun to watch."

Ebi averaged 23 points, 10 rebounds and four blocks as a junior and Westbury should once again be a team to watch when this season gets underway.

"The sophomore class is the strongest we've ever had," Glenn said. "We're very deep and Ebi is the main man. We play a tough schedule, so we'll know right out of the gate just how good we are."


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