Bubba's Bent

Bubba's obviously a pseudonym, but for who or what I'm not exactly sure. The author is clearly frustrated but they don't pretend to know more than the Arizona coaching staff, which is why we agreed to publish their opinions. There is a possibility that they may be an ex-boxer or current actor as they refer to themselves in the third person on more than one occasion.

The following message from an Arizona fan arrived in an Insider's in box early Sunday morning. The opinions expressed in this article are in no way the opinions of the writers at Wildcat Insider.

As with most of the Wildcat faithful, Bubba is having a hard time getting his addled brain around that event Saturday afternoon that some would have us believe was the first football game of 2007.

I'm calling it the first and, hopefully, last nightmare of the season.

First, I would like to thank Brad, Chris and Gary for allowing me to vent frustrations for Wildcats fans everywhere. They are only publishing this in an attempt to stop my incessant phone calls and text messages or they really do care about my well-being because right now I'm just sick. Either way, don't blame them for what you are about to read…it ain't their fault. Was it just me, or did anyone else see Dick Tomey in the booth playing offensive coordinator for the first three quarters? Either he had to catch a plane in time for San Jose's beat down in Tempe or I had a few too many of them there Anheuser Busch Sodie Pops because Arizona's offense looked much different in the final quarter.

I swear the first 45 minutes of this "Air Zona" offense thing reminded me of the last 20 or 30 years of Arizona football. Thankfully, the 4th quarter came a lot closer to resembling what Jr. has been reading to me for the past 8 months. Now few people have ever accused Bubba of being a genius and the whole X's & O's thing is WAY beyond my comprehension, but darn if I ain't sure that on third or fourth and long you gotta' send your receivers out more than five or six yards down the field – and you certainly can't expect to run it up the middle on 3rd & 10 when you only have 20 yards rushing for the whole darn game!. It's kinda' like taking your sister to the prom; you have a date, but you're still gonna' get laughed at Monday morning. Now before ya'll start getting your britches in a bunch I'm not saying there wasn't anything good to take away from this game.

That Tui kid took some hits but his noggin is still working just fine. He had a pretty dog gone good game, if you ask me, once somebody started letting him use the new offense he's been practicing for months. If your QB is completing 72 percent of his passes and the running backs are only averaging two yards a carry, maybe you should throw more and try to throw it past the line of scrimmage. For me, I'm partial to always throwing the ball 1 yard past the first down marker, especially on 3rd and 4th down, but I'm admittedly just a fan and nothing more so what do I know?

The defense held up pretty well considering they only were on the sideline for what felt like a few seconds at a time. They did hold the Cougars to about half their scoring average from last season. The D-Line did a pretty good job of getting to the QB. I saw a couple of pancakes out there but most came when a D-lineman was being double or triple teamed.

Spencer Larsen and Antoine Cason seemed like they were everywhere. He may be a Crier (pun intended), but that punter surely can kick the snot out of the ball. Zero turnovers in the first game of the season is pretty darn good too.

There's a lot of football left to be played and we've got a good chance of winning a whole passel of football games. Bubba's just askin' (beggin' really) – "Please don't promise me a thoroughbred if ya plan on runnin' the ole' nag for ¾ of the race!" I love Arizona even if they can't win the PAC 10 race and I'll be cheering no matter what the entire season, but I gotta' cry when I'm expecting to see a thoroughbred come out of the starting gate and instead get the ole' nag.

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