An interview with Ndudi Ebi

"Cattracks on the Air" is our new weekly radio show that can be heard locally on Wednesday nights from 6-8 p.m. on Fox Sports 1290 AM. Tonight our guests included Ndudi Ebi, his high school coach Greg Glenn, Gene Edgerson and Mike Bell. The highlight was, of course, having Arizona's newest Wildcat, Ebi, on the program. Here is the transcript from the interview Brad Allis and Doug Carr conducted with him.

Interview with Ndudi Ebi

Doug Carr: How are you doing tonight, (Ndudi)?
Ndudi Ebi: "I'm doing good."

Doug: You're working out hard tonight, I hear you're a gym rat.
Ebi: "Yeah, there's just nothing else to do so I just chose to be in the gym."

Doug: Tell us briefly about what was the deciding factors in choosing Arizona over the great schools you had involved in your recruiting process?
Ebi: "Really it was just a gut feeling. I just rested on it and prayed about it for God to give guidance and there wasn't really a deciding factor because I really like those schools. I just had a gut feeling and had a great feeling about the school. I love Coach Olson, love their system and felt it was a great place for me."

Doug: Talk about the dynamic you'll help to bring to this Arizona team in 2003-2004 when you come in here. You've got Channing Frye, who can run, Andre Iguodala, who can run, Hassan Adams, Salim Stoudamire, Chris Rodgers and now Arizona's recruiting Mustafa Shakur. You guys can run and run and run and have depth. Is that the kind of game you like to play?
Ebi: "Oh yeah, of course. It's up and down, that's my style and that's my system, you know? And I picked the right school for it."

Doug: When you came to Tucson in April, there was a lot of talk about ‘well gee, is Arizona taking a chance by bringing these kids in early', and then the gap of summer could have left time enough to have you forget it or have it wear off before you took these last visits (to Duke, Texas and Houston). What do you remember about the visit on campus?
Ebi: "I remembered everything. It was just a regular on-campus visit. I got to meet the players, I got to have dinner with the coaches, I got a tour of the wonderful campus and I just liked what I saw. I also liked what I saw on all the other campuses. It didn't really matter that it was my first visit or not, it was just that I got to see the campus."

Brad Allis: Ndudi you talked a lot about ‘gut-feeling' and how important was it just to get along with the other guys on the team and in addition to that have you met the new freshmen when they were at Nike and some of these other AAU camps?
Ebi: "Not really. I haven't met the new guys but I've seen Hassan here and there. I saw him at the Jordan camp when he would play with us in the evening but that's about it for the new guys. But I'm looking forward to just hanging out with them."

Brad: Who maybe was a player that you met on your campus visit that made you think ‘this is a good place for me and I like this guy', was it the seniors who you won't play with or were there some young guys that helped you out a lot too?
Ebi: "It was just the way all the players conducted themselves. I liked the way they conducted themselves, it was good. Just the whole team, they made me feel welcome and I really enjoyed that but I wasn't ready to make a decision yet and I didn't know what school I was going to so I didn't think that was much of a deciding factor."

Doug: It seemed to me from talking to your parents that they really admired Coach Olson, is that correct?
Ebi: "Yeah, you know, who doesn't?"

Doug: Playing for a Hall of Fame coach, can you put that into words?
Ebi: "Essentially that just speaks for itself. Coach Olson is a great guy and a great coach and his record speaks for itself. Knowing he's a great man and a great person and that he respects you first as a person and then as a player and that's why Arizona's the number one school in the country."

Doug: Earlier we asked Coach Glenn to kind of give us a capsule look at Ndudi Ebi. Why don't you give us a capsule look at what the fans here in Tucson can expect to see in Ndudi Ebi when he comes to Tucson, straps on that Wildcat uniform and takes the court at McKale Center. What kind of player are you, Ndudi?
Ebi: "I'm an all-purpose player. I do everything offensively and defensively. That's basically it. One through five on offense, one through five on defense. I just do everything; all-purpose you know. I'm a wildflower. I just do it all. I do what it takes for my teammates to win and I'm just looking forward to being out there in front of all the fans. And I'd like to thank Arizona for giving me the opportunity to play with them."

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