Bubba's Beat

Feed a stray cat some food and cool milk and suddenly that stray cat is now your cat. Wildcat Insider did just that with our new friend Bubba and now that we've wet his appetite (we're assuming Bubba's a male) he won't go away. So, back again, and as grammatically incorrect as ever, here's Bubba giving you his take on Saturday's game against NAU.

Howdy ya"ll. Bubba here again. I finally recovered from my Sell-E-Bration after stomping some Lumberjacks on Saturday. Bubba's no Clint Eastwood, but he sure do like that Good, Bad and Ugly movie. So here we go.

The Good: The Offense was more aggressive, especially in the 3rd Quarter. 24 points, are you kidding me? We had a bunch o' games last year when we didn't put up 24, much less in a quarter. I know it was against a lowly 1-AA [Championship Subdivision], but that there Appalachian State was no slouch, so it'll be interesting to see how the Lumberjacks stack up against them. The Defense did pretty well too, up to a point. When they quit playing not to lose and started playing to win they kicked some serious butt. The D Ends all looked great and they all got a chance to play. For those that didn't make it to Arizona Stadium Holmes played a few downs off the line just like a linebacker would. I tell you what, that mountain can move. Looks like Sonny found him a half-back also. That Grigsby kid sure can skat (that's move real fast for those who don't speak my language).

The Bad: While Tui looked a lot better than he did against BYU, he still threw into coverage a few times when he had open receivers. But I'm a bettin' he gets better n' better with that. Like I said the Offense looked real good when they opened it up. But we gotta' play well from the opening whistle like we did in the 3rd Quarter. Put 'em away early, that's what Bubba says. We coulda' and shoulda' put 70 on NAU. The Defense looks a lot better when they play aggressively. And what's with this deferring when we win the toss. Let's be confident and shove a score down the opponents throat to start the game!

The Ugly: Football 101 - a kickoff is a LIVE ball, if it comes at ya', pick it up and run or fall on it. Enough said. I'm not a man of too fancy a word, but Coach Joe Rob gonna' kick some tail over that faux pas. How does anyone justify only throwing to Gronk 3 times???? Inquiring Wildcat minds wanna know!!!! This just in…Gronk's good…throw him the dang ball. I'm not sure what the fuss about big Earl is, he don't look like the same kid as last year. Maybe it's the sophomore blahs. But we sure can use his blocking. What's with the U turning away students, I just don't have a category worse than Ugly, but if I did that's where I'd put it. The kids paid for that Zoo Pass thing they got so get 'em a seat. And another thing beyond Ugly - what's with all the people bailing at the start of the 4th quarter??? We been griping about having a good team and great offense and when we finally start showing it everyone goes home early?? Ughaly!

By the way for those who were not at the game, at the half the University honored ALL of the student athletes. Every team (except volleyball, who had an out of town game) was there. Anyone guess which 2 teams got the biggest applause? I ain't gonna tell ya, cuz if you don't know that, you just don't know Wildcat Sports.

Bubba's out, my sody pops gettin' warm.

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