Notes From the Red Zone

Ok folks, two games in and the Cats 1-1. Not what I wanted, but I'll live with it. Just think of it this way and you'll feel a little better. I know what some of you are going to say, you can't look it like that ‘yada, yada, yada'. I just want to feel good about this team, so as of today Arizona has a better record than: Michigan and Notre Dame.

When was the last time that happened?

Among the 1-1 teams, with the same record as Arizona: Georgia, Tennessee, Auburn, Boise State and Virginia Tech. Now I am not going to pretend that beating NAU and losing to BYU is the same as beating East Carolina and losing to LSU on the road like Va Tech, but overall it is not bad company. 1-1 all looks the same when you are looking at the standings.

I'm just saying before you toss Mike Stoops or anyone under the bus think about that.

So the UA finally got burned by the fact that they sold to many student tickets. It seems like over the years every time they try and fix student ticket problems, for basketball or whatever, they just make a bigger mess of it.

So let's come up with a fix. They should be able to scan your Cat Card let you in and bill it for you at the end of the year. Once it's full, it's full. Students, you have to get there early if you want to make sure to get a seat. Same goes for basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, whatever. The university also has to be willing to let people line up whenever they want to line up. If they want to get in line Thursday or Friday night, why not? If they are going to put someone by the gate to make sure people don't line up, why can't he just make sure they don't kill one another instead of kicking them out of line?

Am I the only one who though students should be given the unsold upper deck seats? It's not as if the game was a sellout. The UA gave several reasons why they couldn't do that, but I think that would have been the right thing to do.

On that same note, it was nice to see so many basketball ticket holders at the game, you know the ones that head for the exit just after the second half started. If you're going to spend money on a game, why not stay until the game is over? Even when the third drags on and on and on.

It was nice to see Arizona put up some points, but for the first time since he started against Oregon State two years ago, I wonder if Willie T is the guy. I know this, we should know more next week after New Mexico comes to town. So I'll say more after that. Plus, I'm not sure that we have anyone else right now to take his place.

Can I change my Pac-10 picks? After talking about Oregon State all off season it turns out they are just ok, at best. Now that's looking like a road game Arizona can steal. Which is a good thing since Washington is looking a lot better then I thought. So is Oregon. Arizona already gave up a road game I though they could steal at BYU.

At halftime the U of A honored all the Wildcat athletic team teams. The softball team seemed to get the loudest cheers, even more then the men's basketball team. They are the best team on campus, in my mind. They have won two championships in row. But, in the years and years I've gone to games and seen them do this I cannot remember anyone other then men's basketball getting the loudest cheers. This year's men's basketball was a clear second. What does this mean? The softball team is finally getting the respect from the students, many of whom are from somewhere else and might not know a lot about softball. Or does it mean that people appreciate the gutsy performance in Oklahoma City after watching the hoops team fail to live up to their promise.

I liked some of the small changes at the stadium. I liked the blue padding around the field the most. The signs in the endzone that change during the game are nice too. One thing that I hope that someday will changes, move the band out of the back little corner, to somewhere people can hear them over the visitor's band. Last week I heard the NAU band all night long and I couldn't hear the Pride of Arizona at all. By the way, didn't they play the Florida song over and over and over again? Lumberjacks, get your own song.

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