Bonney's Baker's Dozen

This week's edition of Bonney's Baker's Dozen has a lot of intrigue and virtue and maybe even a little common sense. It deals with…ah hell who am I kidding, it is 12 things from the mush I call a brain and a 13th point of information written by Ol' Bubba.

Here we go with the third or whatever installment of this weekly trip into the whacked out brain of The Fat Irish Bastard.

1- Joe Robinson's Special Teams units once again shined against Northern Arizona this past weekend. The young punter Keenyn Crier kicked the hell out of the ball again and Jason Bondzio again impressed with his leg strength kicking yet more touchbacks from the 30 yard line. If it weren't for Bondzio's missed field goal and the brainfart by the kickoff return team the unit would have gotten a stellar A+ for the week again but instead they are relegated to a solid B+ from the Irish Bastard.

2- Antoine Cason, All-American, are you freakin' kidding me? Not only does this Cat eat up one side of the defensive secondary all by himself but he returns punts too. Cason's 70 yard punt return touchdown against the Lumberjacks was a welcome sight and should start to garner him for at least some mention for the Heisman race. If the Arizona powers that be were smart they would kick start a Heisman campaign for the senior right away. He isn't going to win but a campaign would further highlight the excellence that is Antoine Cason.

3- Was that really Louis Holmes lining up at OLB in a 3-4 set against NAU? Holmes, a senior, was lined up many a time at a roving outside linebacker spot against the Jacks last Saturday. Him lining up in that position in that formation just goes to prove how athletic old numba one is and just what the Arizona coaching staff thinks of his abilities. It had to be a scary thought for the NAU offensive linemen to see him lining up out there, able to get a running start.

4- Colin Baxter started at left offensive guard for the Cats on Saturday replacing Daniel Borg. Baxter, a red shirt freshman, played very well on the line for the better part of three quarters. If you were surprised by the move, don't be. It doesn't matter that Baxter is the backup center; if you can play you WILL play. Borg didn't get it done against BYU the week prior so he was pulled to give another guy a shot and Baxter didn't disappoint. Look for more possible shakeups as Bill Bedenbaugh tries to find a unit that works up front.

5- Trace Biskin and Deveric Gallington will be in Tucson this weekend when the Wildcats take on the New Mexico Lobos. Both of the young high school offensive linemen will be making their visits official. Biskin is already committed and his job this weekend is to help the Arizona coaching staff and players recruit Gallington who has already tripped Texas Tech and apparently has the Red Raiders out to a huge lead.

6- Gary Randazzo, out fearless Basketball Editor and Creative Director, is in Tucson golfing 36 holes a day without me, that backstabber! Almost every time Dazzy and I talk golf comes into the conversation and now that he is in town for a few days he happily did not extend one invite to your humble Fat Irish Bastard of a Football Editor. What gives Dazzy? Where is the love brotha, you know I likes me some golfin'.

7- It probably isn't cool for me to do this but I am going to anyways. I am going on record and saying that John Moredich is the best football beat writer in town, hands down. I would like to consider myself the best in town but I simply can't. Nobody does this job, and I mean NOBODY, with the amount of honesty and integrity that Moredich does. He is always honest and always does his job to the fullest extent expected of him and then some. He is not always the most well like Cat in the press box by various folks around McKale but he should be. John is what a sports journalist is supposed to be. He is honest, is grounded with a great ethical and moral compass and most of all, he knows football, which is something that cannot be said about all in this business. Kudos to you John, keep up the great work.

8- Gronkowski is simply a beast. This true freshman came in with all the hype in the world and so far he is living up to it all and then some. The dude is just good and he works hard and has so far stayed humble. The best thing about Rob is his work ethic and desire to better himself and his teammates on every play, whether in a game or on the practice field. Gronkowski will be an All-American at Arizona and he will play in the NFL, you can take it to the bank.

9- DeLaShaun Dean is going to be special, NFL special. Dean, a red shirt freshman, has shown that he is all he was cracked up to be coming out of Fairfield High School in California. After suffering many leg problems in his senior year in high school and his first year on campus he is now healthy and providing exactly what the Wildcats have been missing. He is that prototypical big, tall and lanky receiver that sacrifices his body to make every catch and actually holds on to the ball.

10- Ode to Lions still suck despite being 1-0. Folks stop all the hootin' and hollerin', you beat the freaking Raiders ok. The Raiders are, well the let me be honest, the worst run franchise in American sports, even worse that the pitiful Arizona Cardinals. Yes Mike Martz has the offense going well right now but he still has Jon Kitna behind center and he still has to deal with what will turn out to be a very iffy defense. The Lions are improved; don't get me wrong, but the playoffs they will not make (insert Jim Mora press conference rant here).

11- Bill Belichick cheating by spying and stealing signs? Say it ain't so Tedy Bruschi! Oh well, I guess it is so since Billy boy was just fined a half million bucks by the NFL and the franchise was fined an additional quarter million and oh yeah, they were stripped of a first round pick if they make the playoffs or a second and third round pick if they don't. I hate cheaters as much as anyone and this is cheating. I don't think stealing signs is stealing, but using 2007 technology to do so pisses me off. I used to steal signs in baseball and still could if I tried, but I did it the old fashioned way, by watching and figuring them out myself. I didn't have A-V nerds taping them and then deciphering the crap and getting me the signals on the field. If you are going to steal signs at least do it like man Bill.

12- It is September 13th and the Cubs are tied for I friggin dreaming? The Cubs, the Lovable Losers are in first place, tied with, ahem, the Brewers with the Cardinals a distant third. If I am dreaming please do not wake me up but I know that I am not dreaming because I don't sleep much these days and when I do I dream about stupid stuff like puppies or unicorns. Go Cubbies, make us all proud and DON'T FRIGGIN' BLOW IT…AGAIN.

13-Bubba's Bent... Well once again the Fat Irishman has called on this ole redneck to save him from the frightenin' number 13. MySo much for the commish's plan for the FedEx cup sparkin' interest in golf during week 2 of the NFL. If Tiger starts only 4 people can catch him. If he finishes 21 out of 30 only 3. Then #2 and #3 in the standings can only win if he finishes at least 2 or 3 places behind them. Not gonna happen. Just give Tiger the cup and the $10 million retirement payout. Why's a redneck yappin' 'bout golf? Cuz my Wildcats put out a passel of good golfers. . . Furyk, Sabbatini, Gamez, Springer, Ochoa, Annika, Baena, Lindley, Gulbis, Blasberg, Pohl & Pooley and a bunch more I can't think of right now. Bubba's out like my case of Anheuser Busch sody pop.

Mahalo Y'all, Fat Irish Bastard OUT!

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