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The Insiders love Arizona and why shouldn't they? The ‘Cats showed signs of life on offense last week against NAU and fans are hungry for more. Will we see an offensive display of talent against a good opponent or will Arizona continue to disappoint when they have the ball against a Division I team? That's the key question.



There are still non believers throughout the Wildcat Nation.  After our QB Young William throws for 285 yards with 5 touchdowns to 5 different receivers you still have doubt.  Okay I understand that NAU is not ranked #1 in the Nation and they do not have the best defense in the world.  I have the belief in our offensive and defensive units that we shall prevail this week.  Now, New Mexico is no push over and is a step above NAU.  I am hoping that after this convincing win that all will be well throughout the Wildcat Nation.


I see our defense shutting down this multi talented offense.  They can run it up and we must play with intensity and most of all TACKLE!!!!  This is a true test as to how good our defense really is prior to starting Pac 10 play.  If you are who you say you are it better show Saturday!!


I for one am looking forward to the Freshman Sensation going against "The Killer" McPeek.  They play this guy up like he IS Lester Hayes "The Assassin".  This is a formidable defense that will test our offense and all of our receivers.  I would love nothing better that to see Earl "The Pearl" and "The Gronk" just pound the hell out of the "Los" Lobos.  Would a game plan like that be favorable with the fans.......hmmmm.....NOT...we better air it out and throw for 500!!  Young William better have his head clear as well and be ready to roll right and pick a receiver down field and LEAD HIS TEAM on the field of battle.  Get the youngsters by the face mask and get their attention early.  We will need to set the pace early.  


Nuff said!


- Tony Melendez, Contributor


Final Score:  UA 38  New Mexico 17




New Mexico is a step up in competition for the Wildcats after a fairly easy win over NAU. The Lobos are not as talented as BYU but could provide some challenges with their athletic quarterback and blitzing defense.
I'd expect the Cats to start slow as they try to get their timing down against the aggressive Lobos, but as the game wears on expect their speed and quickness to win out. On defense I expect UNM to struggle to consistently mount an attack but to capitalize on a few big plays.

Final Score:  UA 27  New Mexico 13




It's time to put up or shut up for Arizona.  With the Pac-10 schedule looming, Arizona needs another big win to get their offense straightened out.  UA's defense is solid, but can only do so much.  They'll do their part in shutting down New Mexico.  The key is will the offense do their part to put points on the board, allowing our defense to tee off on the opponent.  I think Arizona will struggle early on offense before picking things up.  This accounts for New Mexico's 13 points.  Expect a much different Wildcats team in the second half, though.  Perhaps a version of the Wildcats that will post their first second half shutout of an opponent, something they did four times last season.


- Gary Randazzo, Basketball Editor

Final Score:  UA 35  New Mexico 13




Hola, Wildcat fans.  Well here goes another week of fearless predicting by yours truly and my Cardinal and Navy colored glasses.  Offense:  I give the edge to…surprise, surprise the Wildcats.  We saw a glimpse of what these guys can do against NAU.  When Sonny is allowed to open up the playbook and Tui gets the time to find the open man points will come in bunches.  While the coaches will probably still
keep a few tricks buried deep in the bag until next weeks trek to Golden Bear country, I expect that with increased confidence Tui and co. will hang at least the 45 they put on NAU and maybe a few more.  Defense:  Even though the "D" really only gave up 10 to the Lumberjacks, you have to imagine that Mark and his boys are pretty steamed about NAU getting 24 points.  The "O" gave up 7 on the interception and the special teams brain fart (Bonney's term , not mine) gave up another 7.  New Mexico is great for green chile and Albuquerque great if you want a
hot air balloon ride, but DEFENSE, no way.  Special Teams:  Crier is looking good and Bondzio is kicking the
stuffing out of the ball.  If Coach Joe Rob has let the kickoff return team stop running then I forecast Zero problemas with special teams this week.  Besides, Cason got his appetite whet last week so watch out.


- Blake Phillips, UA Homber


Final Score:  UA 69  New Mexico 0




Now with a convincing win under their belt the Arizona offense should have more confidence as they head back to the Mountain West Conference for game three of the 2007 season.  New Mexico comes to Tucson on the heels of a big win over their intra-state rivals from Las Cruces and will be looking to take down their old rival from days gone by.  The Kit Carson Rifle trophy may have been retired but hopefully the rivalry lives on.


Offensively the Wildcats will need to continue to get the ball downfield.  They have proven to have a lot of talent at the wide receiver spot and they need to continue to utilize that talent.  DeLaShaun Dean, Mike Thomas, Terrell Turner and Anthony Johnson need as many touches as they can get and going against a poor New Mexico secondary they should be open and open often.  Nicolas Grigsby should continue to get the ball in open field situations so he can use his speed and athleticism in space.  The running game again needs to hit the 150 yard mark with some modicum of consistency.


Defensively the Wildcats need to build on what they can from what I consider a poor showing against NAU.  They were stuck with short field a few times and they were not able to stiffen up and come up with any key holds or turnovers.  They need to continue to try and pressure the quarterback and utilize the blitz more and more as they prepare for Pac-10 play.  Defensively this game should be a decent test right before conference play begins. 


The Cats need another big home win and they should get it if they come to play.  New Mexico may have beaten New Mexico State but they are still at best an average Mountain West team and Arizona should be able to run away and hide early. 


- Chris Bonney, Football Editor

Final Score:  UA 48  New Mexico 17


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