Ebi's father and his coach discuss Ndudi

Cattracks had a chance to speak with Ndudi Ebi's father, Godwin Ebi, and his high school coach, Greg Glenn, recently. Godwin and his wife Elizabeth are native Nigerians from the state of Imo and they brought Ndudi to Houston 12 years ago after his birth in London.

Godwin Ebi, Ndudi's father

(On how Ndudi came to his decision):
"He didn't want to tell anyone and we didn't want to force him to do anything. He never made up his mind until (he announced). Right before he began speaking, he prayed for God's guidance and God directed him to Arizona."

(On the relationship with Lute Olson and Josh Pastner):
"My wife (Elizabeth) and I love Lute and our friend Josh. Josh is a very aggressive young man. He is very good at what he does and I like how aggressive he is. Ndudi's known Josh for many years and he's always been around. I think they have a good chemistry."

(On what they wanted Ndudi to consider most in his decision):
"We feel very comfortable about Ndudi going to Arizona. Tucson is a nice place isn't it? We wanted him to go somewhere he'd be comfortable with the people. He just loves to play and he's very competitive. Arizona has been a great team for a number of years so he will get to play against the best. He has a lot of confidence and he wants to play against the best and he will at Arizona."

Greg Glenn, Ebi's coach at Westbury Christian High School

(On why Arizona was the choice):
"Arizona was the first in everything," said Greg Glenn, Ebi's high school coach at Westbury Christian. "Coach Olson made it very clear in what he saw in Ndudi and how much he wanted him. Arizona did a great job recruiting him."

(On what makes Ndudi so good):
"Ndudi's very driven and he's very skilled. He's long and he affects the game in so many ways. He's a tremendous shot blocker, a tremendous rebounder and he runs the floor. I've never been around anyone who's had his kind of drive. That rubs off on everyone around him and he's developing into a great leader."

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