Lobos deal the Cats a low point

Turnovers and big plays killed the Cats in a 29-27 loss to New Mexico. The Lobos had to hold on against a late Wildcat rally.

It was a game of missed opportunities. Arizona gained over 480 yards but turned the ball over three times, including two fumbles in the redzone.

It was a frustrating game that saw Arizona commit three costly personal fouls to keep New Mexico drives going. It was a game that saw the defense tackle poorly and have trouble in communications between defensive backs.

Although the offense moved the ball, they faltered three times in the redzone, with the two fumbles and a missed field goal.

There were two key sequences that really hurt the Wildcats. The first came at the end of the first half. The Lobos appeared content to run out the clock but the Wildcats called a timeout assuming the Lobos would continue to do that.

Instead the Lobos got aggressive. Aided by a personal foul during a timeout the Lobos went on to score a touchdown with just :03 left in the half to give them a 14-13 lead.

The Wildcats stormed out of the halftime to drive the length of the field, only to see Tuitama fumble inside the two while trying to stretch for the endzone.

New Mexico then moved down the length of the field, only to fumble themselves at the one. That led to the Wildcats being called for a safety after Tuitama was whistled for intentional grounding in the endzone.

The Lobos scored on the ensuing possession and weathered two late Wildcat scoring drives.

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