Checking in with Robinson

With Arizona's slow start to the 2007 season, many fans are wondering just how they are doing with their verbal commitments. One of the big time players in the class chimed in on what he was thinking.

With many fearing that his commitment has never been 100% solid, people have been wondering about the status of Phoenix area standout Gerrell Robinson.

"I have not de-committed from Arizona," Robinson told WildcatInsider. "I am still committed to Arizona."

That does not mean that he does not have some deep thinking to do. Robinson plays both quarterback and wide receiver for Hamilton High School and he will have to choose which position he wants to play in college. Most schools want him as a wide out or a defensive back, but only a handful are sold on the freak athlete under center.

Robinson has said he wants to take some time to think about what he wants to do at the next level. If he does settle on wide receiver, he may look at exploring some other options.

The Wildcats will let Robinson play either position. Although he can play quarterback at Arizona, there is a chance that he would play his first year at wide receiver and then when Willie Tuitama graduates move to quarterback in an attempt to replace the senior.

Much was reported about an eight-win ultimatum for the Wildcats to keep his commitment. Robinson has repeatedly denied that claim, saying he did want to see things get better for the Wildcats.

"I just said I want to see improvements," Robinson said. "It's never been an eight-win ultimatum."

So far Robison's Huskies are 4-0, outscoring their opponents 153-44. Robinson is 13-21 for 250 yards and two scores. He has added 204 yards receiving and 182 yards on the ground. Four of his 10 catches have gone for scores, and he's added one more touchdown on the ground.

They next face Red Mountain on Thursday.

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