Fact or Fiction With Bubba

Bubba's a bit longwinded this week, but makes some valid points in revealing his first ever, "Fact or Fiction with Bubba." He looks at UA football post the Cal game and wonders aloud how a team with this much talent is 1-3 and has still not beaten a Division I opponent. Read on to see what Bubba holds as truth and where the fiction lies in his eyes.

Fact: The ‘Cats are 1-3. Yep, that's how the box score reads.

Fiction: The ‘Cats are a 1-3 team. Nope. No way, no how this team should be 1-3. Forgettin' to play the spread offense in the first half and not playin' aggressive on defense cost ‘em the BYU game. Makin' stupid mistakes and not playin' aggressive on defense cost ‘em the NM game and the Cal game, well, more on that game later.

Fact: Our defensive ends need to play hard for 60 minutes. Holmes is a beast against the run and the pass WHEN he decides to get after it.

Fiction: Holmes was over-hyped coming out of Junior College and is proving to be a bust as some in the blogosphere have proclaimed so loudly. Nope, that's an exaggeration. He's a strong, fast brute when he wants to be. See his forced fumble against Cal this weekend that gave Arizona the ball at the Cal 21. If the offensive could have scored a TD instead of a field goal, who knows? At worst, the score would've been a lot closer a lot sooner.

Danged if I Know: (This is where the Ole Southern Boy comes out in me) How do the Stoops bros. get him to play to his potential?????

Fact: Arizona has a quarterback with the physical tools to be all Pac 10. Ain't no question about it. All our Wildcat quarterback records gonna' fall by the time he graduates. Numbers in the last two games prove he can run this here spread offense and put up great numbers.

Fiction: Arizona has a great quarterback. This goes in the maybe, maybe not category. Great quarterbacks don't fumble into the end zone for a defensive touchdown. Great quarterbacks don't throw an interception into double coverage. Now Bubba ain't never been called grease lightnin' (In fact my last 40 was clocked with a sundial), but even good ole Bubba woulda' run for a near first down on that play inside the Cal 20.

Danged if I Know: Tuitama's gonna' lead us to the promised land. Well, if you consider a bowl game the promised land then there still may be a chance for us this year. The jury's still out. Can his obvious physical skills compensate for some poor decision making? Can he learn to hold on to the ball? Time will certainly tell and if you're like me, you're probably a little scared to find out what the truth will be.

Fact: The 2007 Arizona Wildcats are a bowl caliber team. Yep, we finally got us an offense that can put up Pac 10 caliber scoring. We finally got us Pac 10 quality depth at every position; I mean there is some serious talent wearing our colors this year. We are 1-3 and got a big hill to climb to get there, but really we lost one we shouldn't have (NM) and we lost a tossup (BYU). Take back about 4 or 5 boneheaded plays and a bad call and we are 3-1, maybe even 4-0.

Fiction: The 2007 Arizona Wildcats deserve to go to a bowl game. Nope. Arizona is not a bowl team yet. They gotta' prove they can play with their heads and their hearts first. They gotta' figure out how to stop the run and pass cover from the linebacker position.

Danged if I Know: What happened to our defense? Supposedly we brang back 10 starters (8 of ‘em Seniors), but they sure ain't playing like an experienced defense. Bend don't break is beginnin' to look like "Bend until you get beat"!

Fact: We can go 6-2 or 7-1 the rest of the way and go bowlin'. Fact is if our defense shows up, this offense can put up the numbers to put the hurt on anyone in the conference. Heck, the only ones keepin' us from goin' 8-0 now are those Trojans from USC.

Fiction: With all this positive thinkin' from Bubba, all the Monday mornin' coachin' on the message boards is for naught. Nope, there's plenty o' questions left to be answered. However, the question now isn't "Can we be good?" but rather, "Will we decide to be good?"! It's ok for a fan to question what they see, but both blind optimism and blind pessimism seem to be way overblown in regards to Arizona football.

Danged if I Know: We will go bowlin' this year. We could and we should, but we gotta' fix a few problems, and I mean right quick. We gotta' be a lot more aggressive on both offense and defense, but especially the defense. Everyone who suits up and plays needs to take responsibility to give 100% on every play. The players need to believe they can win. The coaches need to have the faith and call the plays that tell the players that they believe in the team.

Fact: Cason is the real deal. Bubba has no problem recognizing players for being good or great. ‘Toine keeps Cal's superman to 3 catches for 39 yards and gets a pick in the process. Now that's a shutdown corner athlete in my book.

Fiction: Our kickin' game ain't a problem. Well through 3 games I was sayin' we were lookin' pretty dang good, but today our kickoffs barely made it to the 10 and were returned for an average of almost 25 yards. Where did our kicks 6 yards deep go for Pac 10 play? Kicks that deep rarely get returned. Cal starts from the 20, not the 35. Seems like football 101 to me. I dunno' but maybe they had hurricane wind blowin' from both directions in Berkeley Saturday.

Danged if I Know: Is this finally our year? Bubba don't know. But I will be watchin', and cheerin' and prayin'. The fat lady ain't started warmin' up, much less singin'. I know we got a whole passel o' problems to fix but they are pretty minor considerin' what we've had the last 10 years or so. There are 8 more winnable games to be played, so I'm a gonna' enjoy every last one of ‘em.

Fact: This is the most words Bubba's ever written in one sitting in my whole life and it's time for this Southern fella' to reward himself with an icy cold beer. See ya'll later.

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