Wildcat Insider Predictions: UA/Wazzu

Arizona will face a stiff challenge from the Cougars on Saturday night. Both teams are coming off road losses to perhaps the best two teams in the conference. QB's Brink and Tuitama are both capable of putting on a great show while posting monster numbers, but this could easily evolve into one of those rare Pac-10 games where the defenses take over.



I truly believe that Arizona is more talented than Washington State. I just look at the two rosters and feel the Cats have a higher number of talented players. I also feel that the Cougars are the better team. Confused? While the Cats have the better players, the Cougars are playing better. At least I think they are. The Cougs have beaten up on SDSU and Idaho, neither who are as good as New Mexico, but both better than NAU. They were creamed by a Wisconsin team that looks fairly mortal and were killed by USC. What does that tell us about the Cougs? Not much, but someone has scored 40+ points in every game they have played in this season.


I believe the Cats are better and should win the game, but I can't pick them. Until they can show me they can beat a IAA team and not shoot themselves in the foot, I just can't pick them.


- Brad Allis, Editor-in-Chief

Final Score:  WSU  31  UA  28




There comes a time when you have to throw statistics out the window and go with what your heart tells you.  Last year Arizona kick started a late season string of victories when they beat the Cougars.  The game takes place a lot sooner on the schedule this time around but the stakes are very similar.  Familiarity with success and positive thinking can go a long way in providing a team with the confidence they need to win a game.  The fact that Arizona can look back to last year's game and remember what it felt like to beat a quality opponent on the road is something that only the ‘Cats can hang their hats on. The positive memories could be just what the doctor ordered in switching the psyche of these ‘Cats to start believing that they can win football games.


Once they believe they can win, the ‘Cats have the talent on the field to get it done and Saturday night they'll do just that.


- Gary Randazzo, Basketball Editor

Final Score:  UA  38  WSU  23




Ok, it's that time of week where I break out my Cardinal & Navy glasses and pray for once that I am right.


Offense:  My 'Cats are coming along rather nicely here.  Scoring is up almost 2 TD's per game.  This week Big Earl sees the ball in short yardage.  Gronk looks even more like Witten, and Tui throws to him as often as Romo.  Grigsby officially becomes our 2007 freshman sensation.  Oh yeah, and the O-line performs perfectly.


Defense:  Mike takes away Mark's headset and we start looking more like the attacking, swarming D we were promised in 2003 and less like ballet dancers.  Cason & Fontenot continue to dominate.


Special Teams:  Bondzio gets back to kicking DEEP into the end zone and Crier isn't needed.


- Blake Phillips, UA Homer

Final Score:  UA  45  WSU  10




It is officially put up or shut up time for the Arizona Wildcats.  Starting the season 1-3 is something that absolutely nobody expected and yet that is exactly the predicament the Cats find themselves in.  The Wildcat Offense has improved, even if slightly, each week so far and I look for them to have a truly break out game against WAZZU.  Willie Tuitama has shown that he can lead and run this offense and the receivers have stepped it up.  If the offensive line can continue to pick up blitzes like they have been then the Cats offense should fly Saturday night.


On the other side of the ball the cats need to flat out start making some plays.  There is no excuse for the way they have played so far and the senior laden D has got to step up when it counts, and that time is now.  The Cougar offense is a good one and the Cats better be on their toes.  I have a feeling they will be this week, finally. 


- Chris Bonney, Football Editor

Final Score:  UA  45  WSU  20


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