Game Log: GRONK! and Grigs

Who would have thunk it? While many believed that the Cats could beat the Cougars, no one believed it would be a 28-point win.

13:01 in the first:
Grigsby has carried on three of the first four possessions and has 26 yards rushing.

12:30 in the first:
Make it 44 yards. He gains 18-yards and it could have been more if he did not run into Mike Thomas who was blocking downfield. There is a joke about Wildcat runners not being used to running in the open field 18-yards downfield, but I will let you make it.

10:48 in the first:
The good news: Cats are in the redzone. The bad news: Cats are in the red zone. 10:39 in the first:
Cats avert disaster. Husain Abdullah jumped a route in the flat and flat out dropped an interception that would have gone for an easy, easy score. He had so much room in front of him that he could have stopped at midfield, made a sandwich and then continue on to the endzone.

9:47 in the first:
The Wildcats' redzone woes continue. On third down Tuitama wisely threw to Grigsby in the flat, but the ball was deflected and fluttered. By the time Grigsby hauled it in the Cougar defenders were upon him. Cats settle for a short Bondzio field goal.

7:25 in the first:
Now it is Washington State's turn to move the ball. The Cougars have crossed the 50 after converting on a third and long.

6:00 in the first:
The Wildcats' blitz on third down, but Brink rolls the right way and Charles Dillon out jumps a Wildcat defender in the endzone…Actually the replay shows that the Cat DB mistimed his jump, allowing the ball to sail over his outstretched hands. Even more frustrating, the pass rush made Brink throw on the run and he was nowhere near set when the threw the ball.

5:07 in the first:
Despite the protests of the Cougar DB's, Terrell Turner is awarded a completion on third and long. The Cougs keep waving their arms that it was an incompletion, but replay indicates the refs made the right call.

4:09 in the first:
Hello shovel pass, hello six yards. Too bad they literally come up a finger length short of the first down. In fact on replay I cannot see how they are not rewarded the first down. I see no space between the ball and the sticks. Oh well, Cats get two on the ensuing QB sneak.

3:12 in the first:
The sound you hear is Grigsby shutting the door on Xavier Smith and Chris Jennings. He's already at 72 yards rushing. I'm not sure the Cats had that many rushing yards in the last four games combined. 1:37 in the first:
A star is born! Grigsby catches an over the shoulder pass and waltzes into the endzone for a 22 score. He's pushing100 yards of total offense already. 0:00 in the first
Again the Cougars are on the move. They will face third and three at the Cats' 48. Shootout anyone?

12:34 in the second:
Spencer Larsen in the open field with a huge hit. I actually overheard someone say the defense was suffering because "Spencer Larsen needs to stop smiling." His contention was that the rest of the team relaxed because Larsen smiles. 12:20 in the second:
How bad was Brinks pass? Ronnie Palmer and Devin Ross were the only people within 10 feet of the pass. Palmer got his hands on it, bobbled it and Ross pulled it away and raced inside Cougar territory.

10:26 in the second:
I stand corrected. Grigsby had 102 yards of total offense at the end of the quarter and has at least 25 more on this drive.

9:58 in the second:
Chris Jennings carries and he has no gain. Maybe it wasn't all the line's fault.

9:47 in the second:
GRONK!!! Tuitama to a wide open Rob Gronkowski for the score. That light in your eyes may just be a bright future as all of the Cats' yards on that drive came via true freshmen. In fact, true freshmen have both scores for the Cats.

7:26 in the second:
On fourth and less than one at their own 29 the Cougars run a fake punt. Wideout and back-up punter Reid Forrest lined up and gets about two yards for the first down. 5:32 in the second:
GRONK!!! Cats go back to Gronkowski and despite a bobble he picks up nearly 20 yards. 2:58 in the second:
Cats finally stall. A good Cougar pass rush causes Tuitama to rush his last two passes, so the Wildcats settle for a field goal and now lead 20-7.

1:37 in the second:
Maybe the Cats just don't want any more picks. Cory Hall and Antoine Cason run into each other trying to each pick off a pass. Three plays before that Cason mistimed his jump and saw the ball just sail beyond his hands.

1:17 in the second:
Jed Collins is eating up the UA defense. He's grabbed back-to-back-to-back passes, two for first downs. They now have the ball just inside the Cats' 10.

:37 in the second:
Collins with the touchdown! It's his sixth catch of the game, a career high. I can here it now "Here's a little story ‘bout a man named Jed/ Beat up the Cats in the zone of Red…"

:32 in the second:
To avoid a big run back the Cougs kick the ball on the ground. Ronnie Palmer fields it and gets the Cats to about the 45.

:24 in the second:
GRONK!!! Tuitama to Gronkowski for 18. They now have the ball at the 38 and are flirting with Bondzio's FG range.

WSU actually bails out the Cats with an injury. That essentially gives the Cats a timeout to set up.

:10 in the second:
Cats waste a long gain by Thomas with a hold. They are now out of field goal range for sure. They do use a timeout. Let's see what Sonny Dykes has up his sleeve.

:01 in the second:
Cats miss on a long throw to Johnson, go short to Grigsby and call a timeout with one second left. They will attempt a 59 yarder or run a fake. :00 in the second:
Bondzio had the leg 9 (barely) but not the accuracy on the lengthy field goal.

12:38 in the third
Eight plays, 80 yards in less than 3:00. Even when coverage was good, Brink picked them apart because there is no pass rush. Suddenly this one is tied at 20. It wasn't that long ago that the Wildcats led 20-7. 13 straight points and you have to wonder how the team psyche will hold.

12:00 in the third
Despite a terrible spot, the Cats still come up about six inches away from a first down. With the ball just shy of their own 48, the Cats will go for it.

11:54 in the third
With the "jumbo" package in the game, Tuitama keeps and gets the yard they needed.

11:43 in the third
What happened to the Zona Zoo? It is a tie game, not even 9:15 at night and already over 1/3 of the student section has cleared out. 10:49 in the third
Tuitama finds Thomas at around the 10, and "Money Mike" does the rest. He cuts inside and puts the Cats up 27-20.

8:37 in the third
Wait! What's this? A punt? We only saw one of those in the first half. The way the Cougars moved the ball on their first drive I wasn't sure we'd see another one but here we go.

5:50 in the third
We have a Keenyn Crier sighting. The Wildcats punt for the first time in the game. When was the last time the Cats went almost 40 minutes without punting? I'm not sure Dick Tomey would let a half go by without a punt. He'd pooch punt or rugby punt just on the principal of it.

5:35 in the third
Can someone Check Jed Collins' ID? He looks more like Jay Novacheck in his prime than a blocking tight end from Pullman.

5:25 in the third
After WSU converts on third and 15, a disgusted Hall kicks his foot and his shoe goes flying about 20 feet in the air. Not shockingly Collins is there to catch it. That is his career high in shoe catches by the way.

4:22 in the third
With another Gibson catch, we now have over 700 yards of total offense between the two teams.

4:02 in the third
Everyone is excited by an apparent pick and score by Wilrey Fontenot, but the officials wisely rule it n incompletion. It will be reviewed, but it is doubtful that it will be overturned (it isn't).

3:54 in the third
This is not something you see everyday. Forrest, the punter, dropped the snap but somehow gathered it up and got a low, short kick off. The wobbler headed straight to Fontenot who caught the kick with a defender draped on him. His catch keeps the punt from rolling (making it a 17-yarder) and WSU probably should have been called for interfering with a catch.

3:41 in the third
Tuitama goes deep to Terrell Turner who has to slow down a bit to make the catch. He makes a move and stretches towards the endzone. He's ruled down at the one. The play is reviewed to see if he scored and it confirms the initial call, but it actually looked like he was down around the two.

2:19 in the third
Redzone woes continue. It takes the Cats three runs to get the one-yard. The good news is that they get that one yard and take a 34-20 lead.

14:48 in the fourth
The Cougars faced third and about three and Collins was not on the field. Now they have fourth down and he's still not on the field. Thanks to a Devin Ross blitz, Brink is forced to dump off to the running back and he just plain drops the ball. Cats take over. 13:57 in the fourth
GRONK! Play of the year so far! Tuitama finds Gronkowksi over the middle. He catches the ball and is blasted by Alfonso Jackson at about the 30. Despite the great hit, Gronkowski merely stumbles, regains his balance and rumbles into the endzone for a XX yard score. Jackson actually knocked himself silly on the hit and was down for several minutes before being helped off.

It is safe to say the Wildcats have never had a player like Gronkowski. Cats have 40 points and there is a lot of time left. Tuitama now has 14 touchdown passes on the year. He could realistically be challenging for the single season school record during the USC game in two weeks.

12:57 in the fourth
Lionel Dotson with a rare sack. While he is stomping around celebrating, Ronnie Palmer joins in by giving him a big celebratory chest bump. Apparently Palmer does not know his own strength and knocked Dotson over.

12:23 in the fourth
WR Michael Bumpus lines up at punter. The snap is low and he is flushed and throws. The pass is picked off by Nate Ness who tries to make too many moves and winds up losing 11 yards. He would have been better off dropping it but the Cats still take over at their own 43.

11:09 in the fourth
The first chink in the Grigsby armor. After gaining over 15 yards on a short pass, he is blasted by a pair of linebackers and fumbles at about the WSU 29. It was not a careless fumble, he had the ball well tucked, he just got hammered.

9:39 in the fourth
The Cougs are going down swinging. The drive to the UA 38, but fail to convert on fourth down thanks to Spencer Larsen batting the pass down…okay, he tried to pick it off but could not hold on…

4:06 in the fourth
Ho-hum, Cats score again. Tuitama to Thomas. It's Tui's fifth td toss and Thomas just cracked the top-10 in school career touchdowns.

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