Bubba's Blue Collar Perspective

Wildcat Insiders' resident blue collar fan, Bubba, hits the nail on the head on several points during his weekly rant. He tackles subjects on both sides of the ball and even drops some historical knowledge on us. With seven games to play, Bubba's fairly optimistic that UA can salvage the season but as he points out, the team will need to continue to make adjustments in order to win games.

Howdy ya'll. Sorry I'm late writin' this week. Been TOO busy celebratin' the beat down on the Cougars. But I've run out of my adult sody pop and figured I'd write before the missus gets back with more. Now good ole Bubba's never been one to say I told you so, but I have been saying for weeks that the Grigsby kid needs to be our tailback. I do think we need to spell him a bit though. I'd like to see the X man and big Earl get some more touches. Jennings can have mop up time and maybe some catches out of the backfield. Bubba just don't see runnin' the ball for half a yard at a time. That just wears me out watchin'. I think I might of mentioned a time or two that Gronk needs the ball more than twice a game (I know everyone's been sayin' that). Well what do ya know, he gets 4 touches for 100+ yards, 14 points, and 1 safety who wishes he was back playin' flag football.

And how 'bout that Willie kid? He's just warmin' up in this here spread offense and less than halfway through the season he's set to break school records in passin' and possibly Art Luppino's season scoring record set way back in the '50's. Two touchdowns a game and he absolutely shatters the record (he's averaging almost 3.5), needing only 1.5 per game to tie. Only bad part of this here spread is that Crier may get plumb bored sittin' on the sidelines, cuz he surely won't be needed too much.

Now our defense needs a lil more shakin' up. If #1 don't step it up and play with some more grit and determination, and at least look like he's tryin' he'll be lucky to see the field by the end of the season. Parker & Turner show as much skill with better results and Elmore & Reed look to get more playing time and are showing more results just on heart alone. Gonna' be nice having them around for 3 more years. Bubba's main problem with our D though has to be our strategizin'. What's this bend until you get beat stuff??? I don't like it and I'm a bettin' the kids don't like playin' it. Football is for men and defense is for men who like to hit. Bend but don't break ain't hittin' its runnin' and prayin' and that don't win games or championships.

Anyway, we got us an OFFENSE that can score with anybody, anywhere. Let's see if we can muster up the guts to play the kind of DEFENSE that wins. Bubba thinks we can get to a bowl, in fact Bubba says the only team really standing in our way is Arizona. We can beat the rest. The only question is, are we willing too?

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