Bonney's Baker's Dozen

It just happens to be that time of the week again. That time when readers get to read the thoughts of your enormously talented and, well just enormous, Fat Irish Football Editor. This week's Dozen is a day late but hopefully not a dollar short.

This week y'all also get to get all 13 thoughts and tidbits from my brain as Bubba, our resident redneck, decided to unexpectedly take the week off to take care of what he called "family matters". Does anyone else think that Bubba is really the banjo player from the movie Deliverance?

ONE- This week it was learned that starting free safety Dominic Patrick was lost for a few weeks due to an injury and there were thoughts about moving senior cornerback Antoine Cason to safety and playing Devin Ross at corner. While I like the thought, and no doubt Cason would easily pull it off, I am glad that the move will not, at least for the time being, happen. Cason is a great football player and leader and he has the talent to play anywhere in the secondary but with Arizona's depth at safety there was simply no need for the move. The Wildcats have six guys that have played, and played well, at safety and moving Cason was just not needed. It is up to Brandon Tatum or one of the other guys to pick up the slack but in reality not moving Cason is the right thing.

TWO- WOW folks, the Chicago Cubs did not pull a choke job and miss the playoffs this year. This time they decided to make the playoffs before they choked. When this initially hits the internet the Cubs are now down two games to none to the Diamondbacks. It must be my fault as I am the bad luck guy and I have snuck an inning or two of watching my beloved Cubs and they have looked bad in their two losses. Here is hoping they can get their heads out at Wrigley and save the series.

THREE- More baseball, how gratifying was it to see the complete collapse of the New York Mets? As I watched Baseball Tonight and saw loss after loss by the Amazin' Mets I could not help but laugh. I am a Cubs fans and the Mets collapse, while not as big, is very reminiscent of the Cubs collapse in 1969. Omar Minaya, Mets General Manager, has some work to do to keep the idiotic and impatient New York fans happy next season. After all, they lost the division to Philadelphia, their hated Eastern Division rivals.

FOUR- Another week went by and it was yet another wasted week in the Wildcat career of All-nothing defensive end Louis Holmes. Holmes finally saw his playing time decrease as he watched Ricky Elmore take some of his time. Elmore deserves more time as he actually works hard, listens to his coaches and just generally gives a damn about the program and winning football games. Brooks Reed, red shirt sophomore defensive end, got his first game action as a Wildcat against Washington State and in his very limited action he now has as many sacks as Holmes. Simply sad.

FIVE- If anyone likes to tailgate before Arizona home games you should try and make it out to the Flying Wilbur when the Cats return home in two weeks. The Wilbur crew always puts on a fine display of food and chilled beverages. The satellite is always up and running to watch other games from around the country and there is always the plus of the cold beer that makes its way to the tailgating areas. And if you truly want a treat, try and make it by before the UCLA game as that is when message board legend GarH is scheduled to break out his world famous brisket, complete with homemade sauce. Gar simply puts any BBQ place in Tucson to shame. If you do come by just don't forget to feed the Kitty, that little red box that helps pay for each and every tailgate! Oh and you just might get a glimpse of diminutive leader, Frodo Allis!

SIX- Man is it nice to see the offense develop some consistency. QB Willie Tuitama has seemingly hit his stride and with young studs like Rob Gronkowski and Nicolas Grigsby making plays the offense is starting to fly. There will probably be a few more bumps in the road this year but everything is setting up for a great finish to this season and a, hopefully fingers crossed, ‘special' year in 2008.

SEVEN- I must say that I am more of a Pittsburgh Steeler fan than an Arizona Cardinal fan but it was nice to see the red birds beat down the Steel Curtain. No doubt Cards head coach Ken Whisenhut's inside knowledge of the Steelers' defense was the key to the impressive win. Ole Kenny boy really had Mike Tomlin's defense scrambling. I am all for using what you know about your former team against them in beating them on the field. The Cards could have pulled a Belichick and filmed the Steelers but they didn't, it was all from the brain of the next former head coach of the Cardinals.

EIGHT- On another NFL note, is it time for me to digress and call the Detroit Lions for real? I just don't know yet. They are 3-1 but their three wins have come against the Raiders, yes I said the Raiders, the hapless Vikings and the all of a sudden terrible Chicago Bears. I am much closer to calling them for real because I saw the highlights of how Mike Martz carved up the vaunted Bears defense, and he did it with Jon freaking Kitna behind center. I am still on the fence about the Lions as of right now and that is only due to their defense. I am now sold on Martz and his offensive genius because anyone that makes Kitna look like a Pro Bowler deserves oodles of credit and props.

NINE- Major props gotta go out to Arizona commitment Robert Golden. With the Cats 2-3 on the season and everyone around the country still pounding and hounding him he has stayed true to his word so far and has stayed committed to the Cats. Not only has he stayed committed he has continued to help recruit other prospects. He has stayed in close contact with some of the key recruits and other committed players making sure everyone is on the same page. Golden took an official to Oregon and was text messaging for updates on the Wildcats' game against Washington State while on his official.

TEN- OK a little basketball now. I was getting my hair cut at Al's Barber Shop at 1st and Grant last week and I was talking to some folks about Arizona freshmen Jamelle Horne and Jerryd Bayless. Usually you hear about how the new kids are going to win national titles and break records and what not but not this time. All I heard was how respectful and nice both Horne and Bayless are. I was told that they are both very humble and just good guys to be around. Neither kid has a big head and both have, at least so far, been able to tame the ego that comes with being a major college basketball player, especially in a place like Tucson. It was good to hear because I usually hear the opposite about basketball players.

ELEVEN- I had a conversation with a friend of mine that covers the USC Trojans the other day and the conversation, as it usually does, turned to the upcoming match up between the Cats and Patriots, I mean Men of Troy. This conversation was different form years past though, my buddy said that nobody in the ghetto known as Los Angeles was worried this year about the Cats. The last three years the Trojans have been worried and have gone into their tilt against the Cats with their full effort and energy. If they really are going to overlook the Cats this year they could be in store for a rare home loss. With the Cats offense now progressing and putting up points it is more possible this year for the Cats to pull off the shocker. It is still unlikely but it could happen. Hopefully my buddy is right and Trojans just try to sleep walk through the game next week.

TWELVE- It is very possible that the Cats get some visits form highly recruited prospects that are currently committed to other schools. Just two weeks ago the recruits that might visit had dropped Arizona but now with the Cats at 2-3 and looking better on the field those visits look likely to be back on. The recruits want to keep their possible visits quiet for now but it is good to know that in college football recruiting, wins still matter the most. Hopefully Stoops & Company continue to grow as a program and the wins keep coming because that above all else will ensure the continued recruiting success because playing time and other excuses don't last forever.

THIRTEEN- I really don't know what to write about since the Banjo playing ugly kid from Deliverance is supposed to be writing this last tidbit. So I have decided to use this final entry in the Baker's Dozen to deliver this public service announcement. Just Say No because friends don't let friends play with an Illiterate Irishman's Polish monkey.

Mahalo Y'all

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