Bubba's Advice to Coach Stoops

Bubba appears to be three drinks short of a post loss bender but still manages to lay out his thoughts rather impressively. In doing so, Bubba gives some much needed advice to head coach Stoops and even makes an un-Bubba-like Ryan Seacrest exit to close out his rant. So, without further ado, here's Bubba in all his southern glory.

Howdy ya'll, Bubba here again. I probably shouldn't be writin' this yet, seein' as how we just got chewed up like so many trees by them there Beavers. However, 'tis probably much better I get this off my chest before I go back for more adult sody pop. For what it's worth…here's Bubba's advice to Coach Stoops.

Please, please, please start playin' to win. If you win the toss let this here new Spread Offense get up on 'em early. How on earth do we kick off to OSU and kick into the wind to end the game??? When our defense takes the field for the first time, tell your brother that we are down by 28 already and need the ball back like now. Bubba is sick of watchin' (or this week hearin') 'bout our 'bend 'til you lose defense. Wars ain't won givin' up ground and neither are football games. We ain't good 'nuff yet to believe we can come from behind from so far back.

Please, please, please keep your head in the game and teach your assistants to do the same. We are halfway through the year. We oughta' be able to get a play in on time. This here Spread is a hurry up, no huddle type so why did we need to burn all our timeouts in the 3rd quarter? The players seem to be keepin' their heads a little better as we only had 3 penalties today. When you're runnin' a spread offense you don't need to panic in the first quarter if you're only down 1 or 2 scores. You can't score 14 on 1 play, so don't try. Take what the D gives ya' and march your butts down the field and score. Desperation plays are for the 4th quarter, not the first.

Please, please, please don't blame the players or say "we just aren't good enough yet". All us fans are sick and tired of hearin' it. We are good enough. Time for you to start believin' it and have the team play the kind of attacking football that wins championships. The talent is there, the coaches are there. You just gotta coach like YOU believe in 'em and the kids will start playin' like they believe in themselves. And ya' gotta put the best team on the field. I ain't talkin' the most experienced. I ain't talkin' the most stars. I am talkin' 'bout the kids who wanna' be Wildcats and wanna' be football players. I am talkin' 'bout playin' the kids who leave everything on the field.

I ain't gonna tell ya' not to yell. First off that'd be like tellin' good ole' Bubba not to drink sody pop or not to root for his Wildcats. Mainly, though it's 'cause yellin' can be a good thing if done in moderation. Like for instance, right 'bout now you could be lookin' in the mirror yellin' 'bout how ya' didn't have the defense or the coaches ready for this game. You oughta be yellin' at whoever came up with bend 'til ya lose defense, 'cause that ain't what ya' promised us four years ago.

I ain't gonna tell all 3 of my fans that we ain't in a heap of a mess. But I ain't gonna say that this season is lost neither. The tools are in the box. We just gotta' get the right people usin' the right tools at the right time. Start with the mirror, then remember what ya' promised us, and remember it is a game and let the kids have fun. I'm a bettin' (if TOO and Upscope will bankroll me) that with all 11 Wildcats attackin' on defense, we are good enough with our new Spread Offense to win 5 outta 6 to end the season.

Bubba's out.

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