A Look Ahead: Jerryd Bayless

There is a lot of excitement for Jerryd Bayless and rightfully so. He's one of the highest rated recruits to enter the program and has the potential to be a special player. What can fans realistically expect from the freshman?

Last Year: Last year Jerryd Bayless was a senior at St., Mary's High School in Phoenix. He was a McDonald's All-American and a top-10 prospect by just about every recruiting list. Does Well: Bayless is an explosive scorer who has great athleticism. He has a decent handle, good outside shot and the ability to get to the rim. He can also be a great defender when he sets his mind to it.

Needs To Improve: It is hard to pick apart his game since he has yet to take the floor in a college game. Since he could very well be playing point guard for the Cats, he has to show that he has a good feel for the game and can distribute the ball to his teammates. Decision making is a key. He has played on some average teams and is used to just taking games over by himself. He is a good shooter, but can be somewhat of a streak shooter, so consistency is important. He also needs to keep a good attitude. He could get upset with less talented teammates in high school and the AAU circuit.

Best Case Scenario: He steps right in and assumes the starting point guard job and has a first season more like that of Jason Gardner and less like Mustafa Shakur. He shows a natural feel for the position and leads the Cats back to NCAA Tournament success.

Worst Case Scenario: Never claims the starting point guard role and splits time at both guard spots with Nic Wise, Jawann McClellan and Daniel Dillon.

Most Likely Scenario: Expect Bayless to win the point guard spot and see time at both the one and two. Although he is immensely talented, he will have his inconsistencies. I'd expect him to have more good games than bad, he will still have a few games he'd like to forget. He should be among the league's best freshmen and keep the Cats' tradition of being ‘Point Guard U' alive.

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