Bonney's Baker's Dozen

Alright folks, it is time for y'all to take your weekly venture into the ugly and oddly shaped cranium of your Fat, yet humble, Irish Football Editor's head. Lots of football in this week's tidbits with a little baseball and basketball mixed in as well as my own sitcom review, kind of.

Before I get started, and in case anyone was worried, Bubba is back and is just fine. His absence a week ago can only be explained by referring you to the Alcoholic's Anonymous. I am happy to say that we found Bubba under an oak tree outside San Antonio, Texas, still drunk and obviously dehydrated, but healthy and unharmed none the less.

a'deen- How awesome was it to see former Wildcat Nick Folk kick the game winning field goal on Monday Night Football huh? Folk hit the game winning field goal as time expired and he had to do it twice. When Buffalo head coach Dick Jauron called a time out just ahead of kick number one he tried to make Folk sweat. Not a problem for the always cool Nick Folk as he promptly split the uprights, literally, again for what his Dallas teammate Terrell Owens called "the first ever 106 yard game winning field goal'.

Dva- Tear my heart out and just spit on it why don't you, you dang Cubs. Finally the Cubbies started playing ball and they came back and won their division this year only to be swept right out of the playoffs by the younger and more disciplined Arizona Diamondbacks. Hey, I am a Cubs fan, at least they made it back to the postseason and now next year really is possible with ‘Sweet' Lou Piniella ridin the pine for the Northsiders.

Tri- Man what in the world to do with those two senior football players that just keep insisting on NOT making plays. Louis Holmes, who had a semi decent game last week, and Anthony Johnson, who used his keen ability to drop balls to kill the Cats again, need their butts to have splinters from here on out. There is plenty of room on the bench for both of their butts and Holmes' unearned ego Mike Stoops. I know there is, I have seen the benches at Arizona Stadium, and there really is plenty of room so please use said room to sit two of the cancers on your team.

Chetyre- I want to offer my, and those of the staff at, prayers to Chandler High School standout athlete Dion Jordan. Jordan was badly burned in a freak accident last week and he and his family could use as many thoughts and prayers as possible. Jordan has a long and painful rehabilitation process ahead of him. He may never play football again, in fact he likely won't, but the fact is that he is alive and will be able to live at least a somewhat normal life. Dion was always one of the better conversations I got to have in covering recruiting and he is truly one of the nicer kids out there for the class of 2008. Get well soon Dion!

Pyat- From somber to congratulatory, congrats are in fact in order for Arizona cornerback commitment Robert Golden. Yesterday Robert was officially announced as being selected to the US Army All-American game. Golden deserves this great honor and he, like Jordan, is not only a great football player but is one of the better kids in the class of 2008. He is good but he is humble and now he is an All-American.

' Shest- When Gerell Robinson finally decided to de-commit from Arizona and open his recruitment back open it came as no shock to me. Gerell had hinted for quite a while that he was thinking of doing just that because of his possible position change. People have been telling Gerell all along that he would be much better suited as a wide receiver in college rather than a quarterback and now he has decided to make that change. Arizona is still at or near the top of his list of schools he likes and the Cats should be in it till the end for the stud from Chandler's Hamilton High School.

Sem'- Although the Wildcats are 2-4 at the mid point of the season there have been bright spots for the program. The Special Teams units have been very good all year long and now it is very possible that both of Arizona's first year kickers could make their way onto various awards lists. Jason Bonzdio, who is 10-13 on field goals, perfect on PATs and leads the conference and is 2nd in the nation in touchbacks, could make the Lou Groza award list when it comes out. Arizona freshman punter Keenyn Crier may have a much better chance to make the Ray Guy award list. Crier is averaging 43.33 yards per boot which is good for 25th in the nation and tops in the Pac-10.

Vosem'- Congrats to the D-Backs, even though they beat my Cubbies. It is good to see small payroll teams going this far. The D-backs, Rockies and Indians are all smaller payroll teams and all are in their respective LCS. The best thing is all of the teams left are likeable. Boston has Francona and Schilling, the Rockies are a bunch of no names playing baseball the way it was intended to be played, as are the D-backs and Indians for the most part, plus the D-backs are the local team. I would like to see the Backs play the Tribe although it would be hard for me to pick one team to root for since I like both as they are my two favorite teams after the Cubs.

Devyat'- Ok, another Basketball tidbit for y'all. Jeremy Tyler has long been on the Wildcats' radar screen. He was one of the five best players at the Elite Camp two years ago…as a true freshman. Well, the big man continues to turn heads. He was just named MVP of the Fullcourt Press All-Frosh/Soph Cam and event organizer Dinos Trigonis says Tyler reminds him a little of Amare Stoudemire in high school. Editor-In-Chief "Frodo" Allis has seen him play and says he is the real deal. He may have to wear lifts to ride a roller coaster, but I usually trust his judgment on hoops prospects. Tyler was a high school teammate of Jamelle Horne, so the Cats have a few things going for them.

'Desyat'- Arizona Cardinals, what hath gotten into thee? 3-2 and a great chance to go to 4-2 with a win over the Jake Delhomme-less Carolina Panthers this week. Ken Whisenhut is doing the job in the West Valley and even though they play in what might be the worst division in the NFL, winning the division would be a great achievement for a terrible organization. If they can get by 908 year old Vinny Testaverde and the Panthers this week the 6 game start would be the team's best in who knows how long. Although I despise owners like Bill Bidwell, to hell with it, Go Cards!

O'dinnatdsat'- Ricky Elmore, D'Aundre Reed and Brooks Reed are all really looking good at DE. B-Reed has finally found a home at end and Elmore is pushing for more and more playing time after being impressive in his limited duty so far. It was a struggle early for D-Reed but now that he is healthy he is really practicing hard and playing well. I doubt Holmes will ever sit more but he needs to in favor of the Reeds and especially Elmore. The kids need time since Holmes is done and adds nothing to the squad, but he was 5-stars!

Dve'nadtsat- It is the time of year when you get to watch football all weekend and during the week you get to watch new episodes of your favorite shows and watch new pilots trying to make their way into your entertainment hearts. My favorite new show so far, in my limited TV watching time, has got to be ABC's 'Carpoolers'. It is just dumb enough to make you laugh and just real enough to make you laugh even harder. Jerry O'Connell, the pudgy wussy of 'Stand By Me' fame plays a solid role but the funniest character on the show is the seemingly inbred son of one of the other carpoolers. Not actually inbred, but terribly ignorant, Marmaduke (no seriously, Marmaduke!) makes you smile happily, if only for the fact that there really are people dumber and more ignorant in this world than your humble Fat Irish Bastard!

Welcome Back Bubba, you weren't really missed, just dissed.

Tri'nadsat'- Howdy ya'll, former USMC character Gomer Pyle would say "Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!" But Bubba ain't surprised and neither should ya'll be. Non-surprise #1: Orenthal James' Rolex was a fake. No, really say it ain't so O.J. Non-surprise #2: Marion Jones used the now infamous brand of flaxseed oil "The Clear" before winning her 3 Golds and 2 Bronze medal in Sydney. About the only person Jones knows who isn't implicated in the BALCO fiasco is her son Monty. Oh and by the way, she also admits to lying about not knowing anything about that check-fraud scheme Tim Montgomery, et al were in. Non-surprise #3: The Fat Irishman's Cubbies choked. Well, it's kinda a surprise after all they did wait 'til they made the playoffs to blame the goat this year.

Mahalo Y'all!

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