Bubba's Bent: It's a Question of Faith

Once again Bubba's making some serious sense. He's got some advice for the coaching staff and some words of encouragement for the fans. According to this good ole' southern boy, there's a heckuvah lotta' football left in the season so don't give up hope just yet. All the pieces are there for Arizona to be good. Loosen this and tighten that and the ‘Cats can still go out winners.

Howdy ya'll. Well good Ole' Bubba just finished watchin' the Trojan game in real slow motion and I have come to the conclusion that our beloved ‘Cats main problem is Faith. Bear(down) with me, ‘cuz I know we got a lot of other problems and questions.

This here game coulda' been won and shoulda' been won by Arizona. I know, I know, we're all gettin' tired of hearin' it and sayin' it the last coupla years, but it's true. Bubba believes that Coach Mike has a serious lack of faith. He lacks faith in the players he's recruited. He lacks faith in the systems he has brought to Arizona. He lacks faith in the teachin' and coachin' him and his assistants been dishin' out in practice. All this lack of faith has culminated in the sorry 2-5 season ya'll and Bubba done watched so far.

I was feelin' purty good when I saw we actually chose to start on offense. Dang it if I can remember the last time we made that choice. It's the choice winners make. Then we threw a nice 10 yarder to Big Earl. Everyone has been clamorin' for that play on the forums for weeks. ‘Bout that time ole' Bubba was sure we were in for somethin' special today. Then Gronk, one of our great big ole' playmakers got hit by a semi-truck of a linebacker and fumbled the ball.

First evidence of a lack of faith in his players: We never threw to Gronk again. You kiddin' me? The kid has like 4 touchdowns and averagin' 20 yards a catch. He makes one lousy mistake (most anyone woulda fumbled that ball after such a hit) and he's no longer a threat for us.

Second evidence of lack of faith in his players: Grigsby gets pulled in favor of ne'er do well, Jennings. Now, I know Grigs had a coupla freshman mistakes. He ran East-West when he shoulda run North-South and he had the fumble on the hand-off exchange. But dang it if he ain't our best runnin' threat. He even put up 61 yards at 4 per carry last week. Jennings had a coupla good catches but he ain't no kind of threat runnin' the ball.

Now the announcers said it looked like Coach Stoops couldn't decide whether or not to run Sonny's opened up spread or his own conservative offensive system. Doesn't take a genius to realize Sonny's puttin' up better than 28 and Stoops only ‘bout 16 a game. Seems like a no brainer to this good ole' boy that Sonny's system is the one we should be running ALL THE TIME. Fact is we play better when things are opened up. You brought in Sonny to use the spread so have some FAITH in it.

Another factor is that the Spread Offense is supposed to do just that. But for you to spread the field you gotta let your quarterback play. The game is football, gentlemen. If Tui can sneak 10 times in the last 3 games, runnin' head first into a big ole' pile of 300 pound lineman or get pile driven to the ground on all of OSU's eight sacks, surely he can take a hit in the open field or slide. And one more thing. Let the dang quarterback decide who's open and who to throw to. It's obvious to anyone watchin' that he's only bein' allowed too throw to the primary receiver. That ain't spread, it's stupid! And don't tell me I'm wrong here because if five receivers are sent out into a pattern and a quarterback continues to only look at option 1, then that quarterback would not be starting for very long. The fact that Tui continues to throw to his primaries with no repercussions from the coaching staff is evidence to me that he's being told who he can and can't throw to on every play and that's just not right. Why take a playmaker like Tui and turn him into a robot?

And where is the faith in the defense? We got great corners and some pretty good cover safeties, so where is the blitzin'? We saw some more of that today, and it kept an angry, revenge-minded Trojan team from killin' us, but we coulda used a lot more of it 6 weeks ago.

Finally, Bubba thinks Coach Stoops lacks faith in his coachin' and teachin'. You brought in the best talent Bubba's seen in an Arizona uniform coach, let ‘em play. We got more depth than we've had in years and we don't hit in practice? Now we don't know how to tackle when we need to. Offense and defense are playin' scared. We're playin' not to lose. It's time these kids were allowed to use what they've been taught and go play some of that rough and tumble football. Hit ‘em hard and hit ‘em often.

Coach, players and fans we all just gotta' have faith. We got loads of talent. Bubba believes the knowledge is there. It's time to have faith and steal a line from Nike and "Just Do It".

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