Team and Recruiting TidBits

The Arizona Wildcats are 2-5 on the season but there could be light at the end of the tunnel. The morale of a college football program goes up and down very quickly, like the mood of a teenage girl and how is the Wildcats' morale this week as they prepare for Stanford?

A few days after handing a win to the USC Trojans the morale around the Arizona program is surprisingly very good right now. Most players are seen with smiles on their faces and others around McKale seem to anxiously awaiting something big. Will that something big come in the form of hard earned wins over the next few weeks? We will all have to sit back and wait for the results to come in. Nothing sends spirits higher than a resounding win and that is exactly what the Cats are capable of, and aiming for, this Saturday on Family Weekend.

Freshman running back Nicholas Grigsby has turned himself into a true student-athlete. Ever since he started playing consistently Grigsby has made a very serious turn for the better in the classroom. Grigsby has really started to take pride in his grades and rumor has it he is nearing in on a better than a 3.0 GPA for his first full semester of college.

Senior defensive end Jason Parker has seen his stock continue to rise quickly this season. More and more NFL scouts are calling the Arizona Football offices for scouting reports on Parker. Parker is a true program player. He has patiently waited and worked hard for his chance to play and he is taking full advantage of his time on the field. In his five years he has gone from the red shirted cousin of Marcus Smith to a bona fide NFL Draft prospect.

Arizona's offensive line keeps getting thinner behind the starting group. Sophomore Adam Grant is due to have his third ACL surgery tomorrow in Indianapolis and now Junior Bill Wacholz has a medical issue that could keep him from seeing much more, if any time. The newly diagnosed condition is treatable but it is unknown what his immediate future on the field will bring.

Sophomore offensive guard Conan Amituanai is said to really be improving on the line and it comes at a good time. Amituanai is said to be finally ‘getting it' and is starting to impress at guard. He will be needed as the depth chart for the Cats along the line is thinning.

JUCO wide receiver Derrick Barkum should be red shirted after the 2007 season. Barkum has all of the tools needed to be a great wide receiver in the Arizona Spread offense. He may be the fastest guy on the team and he has very soft hands. As long as he improves in the classroom it could be a great two years for Barkum starting in 2008 in the Sonny Dykes offense.

Freshman defensive end D'Aundre Reed and Sophomore Brooks Reed both continue to improve and impress in practices. Both Reeds could see additional time as the season progresses. They help form a pretty impressive young corps of ends for the Cats with Ricky ‘Rockstar' Elmore and the red shirting Ron Jackson.

Recruiting Notes

This weekend's Family Weekend visit by the Stanford Cardinal will bring some impressive and talented official visitors. The Cats will welcome Ryan Bass, Brandon Magee (assuming his SAT score is posted in time), A.J. Pickens, Max Tuioti-Mariner and current UA commit Kyle Quinn.

Arizona's Homecoming weekend will also bring a pretty impressive list of visitors to see the Cats battle UCLA. Right now the list includes Dewitt Stuckey, E.J. Woods, and Robert Golden, Chris Little, Marvin Jones, Phillip Garcia and Zander Fabbri.

Arizona's final home game against Oregon will see the Cats host just one official visitor as of right now but it is a very big visitor. 5-star JUCO wide receiver Carl Moore is slated to visit for the Thursday Night nationally televised game against the Ducks.

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