Insider Predictions: UA/Stanford

Arizona welcomes Stanford to Tucson this weekend in a game where both teams are desperate for a victory. Odds makers favor the Wildcats and they should. It's Family Weekend, which always makes for an exciting atmosphere on campus. Can that same excitement and enthusiasm find its way down to the Arizona sideline or will the ‘Cats come out flat as they've been prone to do this season?



On the surface this looks like a close game. Both teams are rebuilding, both played well against USC and both are looking for a second half run to salvage the season. Normally I look to stats, trends and my analysis of the games I have watched to make my picks. Not today. That method would have me pick a close game.  This week I go to a different source: Vegas!


While I don't gamble myself, I do pay attention to lines. This week Arizona opened as a surprising 10-point favorite. Usually point spreads are designed to create equal betting, but this one seems to be daring bettors to choose Stanford and take the points. When Vegas dares you to do something, you don't. My guess is they see something in the Cats.

- Brad Allis, Editor-in-Chief

Final Score:  UA  31  Stanford  20




Despite last week's frustrating loss to USC, the team did play with a level of enthusiasm not yet seen this season.  If Arizona can bring that same passion and effort to the stadium Saturday afternoon, the fans will feed of that energy and help to create one tough environment for Stanford to play in.  While a Cardinal upset is unlikely, I've seen stranger and more disappointing losses under this regime so I hesitate to predict a huge win for Arizona. 


Both Stanford and Arizona played USC for four quarters.  The difference is Stanford beat the Trojans and the Wildcats didn't.  It's the broken record that is Arizona football; strong efforts with positive results in every facet of the program except the win column.  Against Stanford, Arizona needs to attack the A-gaps in their running game to put pressure on Stanford's 3-4 defensive set.  If effective, this should help to neutralize their blitz package and create space in the flats for the wide receivers to work their magic after the catch.  While Tuitama will most likely put up big numbers, the biggest number is 150 yards.  If the ‘Cats can gain 150 on the ground then they'll win comfortably.  If they don't then hold your breath.    


- Gary Randazzo, Basketball Editor

Final Score:  UA  33  Stanford  20




Tree Prediction:


Wow it is week 8 already and my Cardinal and Navy glasses have so far only yielded 2 wins.  Therefore this week I have stomped them into an early grave and replaced them with goggles.


Offense:  If Sonny is running it and there are no bone headed coaching decisions such as benching the G men I give the edge to my Wildcats.  However, if we go with the conservative run up the middle and throw for -2 yards when you need 8 variety that we have seen for a million years I give the edge to the Trees.


Defense:  Apparently riding the pine and watching his fellow D ends kick butt lit a fire under #1 last week.  Either that or he only plays against the Boys of Troy.  If we attack on defense, even more than our slight improvement last week, I go with win hungry (o.k., starving) Arizona.  If we revert to more of this bend but don't break B.S. then I once again must back off and go with Stanford.


Special Teams:  Hands down Arizona.  Bondzio and Crier are the best kicking duo in Arizona since, Folk and Folk.


Prediction:  "Dear goggles, please don't let me down like the glasses did!" 


- Blake Phillips, UA Homer

Final Score:  UA  52  Stanford  17




Arizona is 2-5 and staring their 10th consecutive season with no bowl game in the face.  It is do or die time for the Wildcats and the Stanford Cardinal stand in their way in week one of Operation Salvation.  Offensively the Cats need to continue to progress and they need to do it with the young guns that have burst on the scene.  Terrell Turner, Terrell Reese, DeLaShaun Dean, Nicolas Grigsby and Rob Gronkowski must play a large part of the game plan from here on out.  Tuitama neds to continue his progression in the Dykes offense and the offensive line has to stay disciplined against the Stanford 3-4 look.


Defensively the Cats need to finally grow up and play a complete game.  The linebackers, save Spencer Larsen, have been nearly non-existent this year and the safety corps needs to step it up.  The defense as a whole must play disciplined football and they need to start tackling like they are capable of.  If the Cats were smart they would blitz and blitz and blitz the Cardinal until they have no QBs left on the roster.


Team morale is better this week after playing with USC last week but there is an overabundance of moral victories in the Mike Stoops era and a dearth of real wins.


- Chris Bonney, Football Editor

Final Score:  UA  52  Stanford  10




"I tried to refrain from giving my predictions after the Cal Game.  So I stayed away from the SC game because I didn't think we would win and we shoulda.   This game should be one in which the team shows what they are really made of.  It's Family Day and there will be numerous recruits in the stands.  Incentive......let's see…salvage what should have been a good year for the Cats.  It has been rather frustrating watching this team play to low expectations and as it learns to win.  I predict that Young William will throw for 500 yards after they discover that they can throw long and we will see the true Spread Offense (if not then we will see you at square where the Prez will be sharpening the Guillotine).  Then you will also see the true U of A Defense that we were supposed to have all year.  They wake up from hibernation and demolish Furd.  It should be a laugher and should be all U of A.  UA 45 Furd 3 (field goal after turnover early in the game)."


- Tony Melendez, Contributor and Master Chief

Final Score:  UA  45  Stanford  3


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