Golden open, Cats still lead

Arizona's tough season took another blow on Monday when big time corner back prospect Robert Golden announced that he was going to look around more before deciding.

Golden has never pretended that the presence of the Stoops brothers wasn't important to him. With the status of the coaching staff somewhat in doubt, Golden did not feel comfortable remaining committed.

"I have to look at all of my options because u never know what is going to happen," Golden said.

Golden has never denied that he wasn't going to make other visits, but previously it was just to compare other schools to the Wildcats, now he takes visits with an more open mind.

"I had to let Arizona and Coach (Tim) Kish know that I was going to take all of my trips with an open mind," Golden explained. "Arizona is still my leader and my top school but I got to keep all my options open because you just never know what's going to happen"

Over the past few months Golden has formed a bond with Kish and the decision to explore other programs was not an easy one.

"Coach Kish was upset he is just disappointed with how everything is going," Golden said. "He wants to see me face to face so we can talk so that should happen. Like I said U of A is still my number one school."

In addition to bonding with his lead recruiter, Golden has also gotten to know several of the current Wildcats. He turned to one of them for some advice.

"I talked to (Antoine) Cason and he said the coaches are coaching but the players just aren't executing," Golden noted. "Coach Kish said that too."

Golden has not totally figured out the game plan recruitingwise, but does have some of it mapped out.

"I will probably visit OSU and UW and I don't know about the last visit yet," Golden said. "I am still most likely visiting U of A for the UCLA game and I will most likely visit UCLA unofficially."

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