Bubba's Bent: The Uncut Version

Bubba went deep into the vault and came out with every Bubba Family cliché in the book. The funniest thing is each cliché is not only applicable, but they're laid out in a way that makes supporting Mike Stoops for seasons to come seem like the logical thing to do. In a post Stanford-loss world, Bubba adds his unique perspective while providing Stoops & Co. with his vote of confidence.

Howdy ya'll. A very despondent Bubba here this week after watchin' the Stanford Trees burst our bowl hopes into flames. I been a thinkin' 'bout what I wanted to say and after readin' and listenin' to way too many people I'm ready to give ya'll my redneck breakdown.

With all this here talk about firing Mike and Jim, Bubba's rememberin' some sayin's from his grandpappy; namely "It's always darkest before the dawn" and "Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater". Now Bubba ain't a defending anyone and he's as mad as a passel of them African Bees 'bout the state of his Wildcat football right now, but instead of goin' off half-cocked I say let's do a little analysis. Seems many got their minds done made up, but most of those been spoutin' the same rhetoric for years. While W's and L's are the ultimate test of success in athletic endeavors there are other things we gotta consider. Fer instance, while losin' 21-20 hurts just as bad, is it really the same as the 20 and 30 point blowouts we had in years past?

Bubba's not gonna get into the past too deep 'bout coachin' changes at Arizona, ya'll know the history of it (at least the version you believe). Replacing Mackovic was the right thing to do at the right time, not because of his record, but because the players were against him. That isn't the case with Coach Stoops. The players are still playing and fighting. Stand up, all-around-good-guy Antoine Cason was even quoted as saying, "The coaches are coaching, the players just aren't executing," to recruits and media as recently as yesterday. While our perception may be that the players and coaches have quit, they don't seem to have the same perception. In fact, while the wins are not there, we are a lot closer than we have been in the last decade. Replacing this coaching staff now would send the wrong message to the players and any prospective coaching candidate. The increase in talent level and recruiting would be for naught. Out goes the baby (and more than $3 million) with the bath water.

Which brings Bubba to his other cliché 'bout darkness and dawn. Are we really ready to turn our backs on three years of progress in order to start with yet another unknown? While it is true we seem to have taken a step back this season (as the W-L column) indicates, often taking a few steps forward means we take a step back before we reach pay dirt. Reminds ole Bubba of the miner who sold his claim just 6 inches before hitting the mother lode. Now I ain't a gonna promise Coach Stoops is gonna lead us to the mother lode of college football, but I do think it's too early to stop swinging the pick. Our Wildcats brought in a new system this year, and while our defense is experienced we not only have more young talent on defense, but have a very young offense. In fact, I believe our only 2 senior starters on offense are considered our weakest links.

Well I'm parched and need me a sody pop so I'm gonna get to my point right quick. Bubba believes that Coach Stoops and Arizona's best days of football are next year. I agree some changin' is in order. But I would rather see Coach get some advice and help in being a HC from an older mentor type. And I wanna see the kids and the coaches start having some fun. It is after all just a game. Let go and let loose. The W's will follow.

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