Game Talk: Washington 32, Arizona 28

The Wildcats came very close to pulling off the upset in Washington. Despite the rash of injuries that have plagued the team in recent weeks, the Wildcats were in the game until the final gun. An obviously disappointed John Mackovic spoke after the game.

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On the close game:

On the team playing so well despite being banged up on the road:

"It doesn't give you much consolation. We had a lot of players playing at their highest level. We did virtually everything we felt we could do in this game and we gave them one big play in the fourth quarter."

On Jason Johnson taking a lot of hits:

"He showed how tough he was. We didn't run very well today and that put pressure on him. We came up short on the last possession,. He had Lance Relford wide open but he didn't get enough time to get the ball to him. Lance Relford had a good chance to go all the way on that one."

On having to travel with 15 walk-ons and a host of young players:

"I didn't get a count on how many non-scholarship players we had, but they told me in the press conference that we had 15. Plus we had all of the freshmen, the true freshmen and redshirt freshmen, so this was a team that had a lot of people that don't understand exactly what is going on. We still had a chance to win. Still we felt like a team that was very well prepared to play football and win. We right there until the end."

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