Insider Predictions: UA/Washington

Arizona heads to Seattle to take on a Washington team that's had the Wildcats' number the past two seasons. With revenge on their minds, it'll be interesting to see how Arizona handles the adversity of a season that's gone awry in the past month. Do they right the ship in the Pacific Northwest or do they sink to the bottom of the Puget Sound? Saturday's game will tell us all we need to know.

Brad Allis – Editor in Chief

Arizona has more overall talent than the Huskies. They also had more overall talent than BYU, New Mexico and Stanford. With this team talent does not always win out. These are two teams that desperately need a win. Both fanbases are getting antsy, wanting more results in the rebuilding process.

Jake Locker is a stud, and his ability to run will keep the Wildcat defense on their toes. The Wildcat defense has been better of late, but the Cats have no wins to show for it as the offense has scuffled.

So who wins? On a neutral field I'd probably give the Cats the edge, but in Seattle the Huskies find a way to win a crazy one.

Prediction: Washington 31, Arizona 30

Gary Randazzo – Basketball Editor

Arizona needs to do three things on offense this Saturday if they expect to turn things around on that side of the ball. They need to stretch the field and keep the Huskies honest by throwing some deep passes. They need to get the ball into the hands of Rob Gronkowski at least five times, and they need to run the ball with Nicholas Grigsby at least 25 times. If they can force Washington to have to defend the entire field, then the screens and short routes will be open for Mike Thomas, allowing him to operate after the catch. While this is easier said than done, it shouldn't be as difficult as Arizona's made it out to be the last two weeks.

The noise in Husky Stadium will be a huge factor, especially if Willie Tuitama continues to audible out of 80 percent of the plays and run the play clock down to within four seconds on every snap. Intelligent crowds feed of that stuff and the Husky faithful are no strangers to understanding the intricacies of football. Keeping the crowd manageable will be a key for the Wildcats as many visiting teams have learned the hard way that games can easily spin out of control in Seattle when the Husky players and fans are dancing to the same tune.

Unfortunately for Washington, the opposite is happening right now as the fans are as equally upset with the status of their football team as Arizona's fans are with theirs. While this may play well in the newspapers and on the radio talk shows prior to the game, the truth is once the ball is kicked off at noon on Saturday the Huskies will have the support of those in the stadium. This along with the duel threat abilities of UW quarterback Jake Locker should be enough to get the Huskies their first conference win of the season.

Prediction: Washington 27, Arizona 23

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