Catching up with Abdul Gaddy

A few months after polishing off one of the best recruiting classes in the history of the program, the Wildcats received an early commitment from five star recruit, and fourth rated point guard in the class of 2009, Abdul Gaddy. had a chance to catch up with Abdul Gaddy to see how things were going in relation to basketball, what he's improving on basketball wise, his commitment to the University of Arizona, and much more. How are things going in terms of getting ready for your upcoming high school basketball season?

Abdul Gaddy: Things are going well. I've just been working out every day, getting in the weight room, and shooting every day with my AAU coach. I'm just working hard, and getting ready for the upcoming spring and summer too. What things are you improving on in becoming a better player for when you finally arrive at Arizona?

Abdul Gaddy: I'm just trying to get bigger and stronger which should help me to become a better overall athlete and player. I'm mostly working on defense since that's probably one of my weaknesses. What are you expecting from your high school team this year?

Abdul Gaddy: I think we're going to go to state and challenge for a state title. It's going to be a difficult task, but I think we can do it. How often are you in contact with the Arizona coaching staff?

Abdul Gaddy: I usually talk to the coaches about three times a week. I talk to Coach Pastner, and Coach Miles. I plan on going to the Arizona game when they play the University of Washington, and maybe when they play at Washington State and at Oregon. I'll be down in Arizona next spring though. How strong is your commitment to the University of Arizona?

Abdul Gaddy: Very strong. This is a dream for me because I've always wanted to go to the University of Arizona. I'm just living a dream right now. If you have to compare yourself to someone, who would you say that would be?

Abdul Gaddy: Well, Coach Pastner says that I play like Mike Bibby because of our mannerisms on the court and that we're the same in that aspect. In the NBA, I watch Chris Paul or Jamaal Crawford and take part of their games and put those into mine. Do you feel pressure coming to a school like Arizona knowing their history for producing great point guards?

Abdul Gaddy: Everyone will expect me to feel added pressure, but I don't think it'll be like that. I just plan on just coming into Arizona and doing anything possible to help Arizona win. I'm just going to see how things go, and work my way up. will continue to provide you with updates on the upcoming high school season for Abdul Gaddy, as well as any updates surrounding his commitment to the University of Arizona.

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