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Arizona got their fourth win, another November surge. They have made a habit of getting hot late in the season. Here are some if the themes and notes from the game.

Long Time Coming:
UCLA's 100-yard kick off return for a touchdown is the longest against the Cats since the 30's when a Loyola player matched the feat.

Good Starts:
The first four kickoffs saw all both teams start in a good spot. The Cats twice started beyond their 30, while, UCLA scored on their first .

Great Block:
Grigsby got a great block on his 60-yerd scoring run…from a Bruin! A Bruin defensive back ran into a teammate, allowing Grigsby to run free. The run is the longest for the Cats this season.

Bad Hands:
Wildcat defenders had three potential first quarter interceptions hit their hands and then the turf. None of the three were easy picks, but all three had a chance to be big plays for the Cats.

Not Even Close
Between the first and second quarters a local grocery store eld a contest that allowed a fan to win $500,000 if they could throw a football through a fairly small hole. The fan attempted to underhand the ball and it appeared to slip. The ball traveled all of three yards and was about two yards to the left. Their second attempt from 10-yards was closer. The overahand throw hit the sign, about two feet to the right of the hole.

New Record
Tuitama threw 14 first quarter passes, giving him 411 on the season. That set a Wildcat single season record. By the end of the game he was less than 200 yards away from breaking Jason Johnson's single season yardage mark.

Move On Over Wide Receivers
Chris Jennings came out of the backfield and streaked down the right sideline, beating LB Christian Taylor, and Tuitama threw a perfect pass, hitting Jennings in stride. The result was a 55-yard touchdown, the longest by a Wildcat running back this year.

You Don't See That Very Often:
Thanks to a sack, Willie Tuitama threw for 101 yards on one drive. The Wildcats began the drive at the four yard line and completed a long pass out to midfield. On the next play he was sacked at the 45. One snap later he completed the 55-yarder to Jennings.

That's A New One
Facing a third and short Arizona's Earl Mitchell could not get his chinstrap buckled and the Cats were flagged. The penalty was just a charged timeout. Don't blame Big Earl, his chinstrap was actually broken and had to be repaired on the sideline.

Wiiiiiiiiiidddddddddeeeeeee Open
To say Rob Gronkowski was wide open on his third quarter touchdown catch would be a huge misnomer. There probably wasn't a defender within 20 yards of the tight end and the only question was whether some bizarre force of nature could prevent the ball from getting to the freshman.

QB Shuffle
When Osaar Rasshan came in at quarterback in the third quarter, he became the fifth signal caller used by the Bruins this year. His ability to run with the ball help move the Bruin offense to the Arizona 18 and a field goal on his first series.

Right Time Of Year
Arizona is now 7-4 under Mike Stoops in November. Conversely, Karl Dorrell is 6-13 in the month.

Happy Homecoming:
For the third straight year the Wildcats have won their Homecoming game against a favored opponent. Two of the last three years it has been UCLA and last year it was Cal.

High Volume
Late in the game the Wildcats and Bruins got into a bit of a scrum. Although a flag was thrown, the officials decided not too assign any penalties. After explaining the decision, the official forgot to turn down the volume and was overheard by the crowd telling players to cut it out "or you'll start a riot."

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