Game Log: Concordia

On a day that saw the Lute Olson take a leave of absence, Kevin O'Neill assume the role of interim head coach and a four-star running back committed to the football team, the Wildcats' game against Concordia was almost overshadowed. The Cats won 68-50 in a game that saw them play very well in the first half and come back down to earth in the second.

Here is a game log from the action.

Before the tip:
Concordia is known as the stingers. Is anyone else disappointed that they do not have a French nickname?

For your info they were 15-1 in Canada last year and lost to NAU by one the other night.

19:36 in the first:
Bayless shoots the first basket of the game. Get ready to see him shoot a lot this year.

18:50 in the first:
Concordia leads 2-0. Don't expect that to last.

18:30 in the first:
Just like the Red/Blue game, Mohamed Tangara scores the first UA basket. A nice offensive rebound and bucket. 17:13 in the first:
That was sick! On the break Budinger and Bayless work the give and go, only Bayless goes behind the back to Chase for the dunk.

16:56 in the first:
A steal by Budinger results in a sweet one-hand slam by Jordan Hill.

15:24 in the first:
Hill shows off a jumper that he has been working on. A sweet 15-footer from the baseline.

15:00 in first:
Bob Elliott flubs on Mohamed Tangara's name and the wife chimes in "I guess the announcers need a little exhibition work as well."

13:20 in the first:
With Fendi Onobun out for the game, Bret Brielmaier is the first big off the bench. This does not bode well for the rehabilitation of Kirk Walters.

11:49 in the first:
Jordan Hill has 10 of the Cats' 16 points and all but two have come on dunks. He is moving really well without the ball and is getting after it on the break.

11:09 in the first:
First freshman off the bench (since Bayless started) is Jamelle Horne. Looks like he's at the four. Not sure Wildcat fans envisioned a front line of Brielmaier and Horne this year.

9:59 in the first:
Horne nails a jumper. It did not take him long to get on the scoreboard.

6:48 in the first:
This just in, Concordia beat Illinois back in September. I don't know if that is good news for the Stingers or bad news for the Illini.

4:56 in the first:
We have yet to see Daniel Dillon or Kirk Walters. A little interesting, especially considering how Dillon played in the Red/Blue.

4:32 in the first:
I am still getting used to the new Wildcat unis. I kind of like them, but the silver, duct tape looking patches on the shoulder are just odd.

19:36 in the second:
We see the same line-up start the second half as we did in the first. For the record it is: Bayless, Budinger, Hill, McClellan and Tangara.

17:00 in the second:
The cel phone is buzzing. Looks like something is happening in the world of football recruiting. This may call for me to make some calls during the game.

13:35 in the second:
Great block by Horne that elicited a chuckle from McClellan.

11:20 in the second:
Budinger shows off the hops on a nasty one-hander. He just drove down the baseline and threw down.

10:14 in the second:
Thanks to the three-ball the Stingers are within 10.

3:30 in the second:
See what happens on a busy sports day? Get a text message about a possible football commit and suddenly I am busy texting and calling players, their family and coaches. Not only do I miss a chunk of the game, but I have not seen a Colts/Patriots score in nearly half an hour.

3:21 in the second:
Nasty injury to a Concordia player. Ankle of sorts.

0:00 in the second:
Missed more of the game, had it on, but was working the phones. Apparently the team went in a bit of a lull while my attention was diverted. Coincidence? You decide.

Great line after the game from O'Neill "we don't switch much (on defense), I want to know who to blame."

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