Signing Day: Brendan Lavender

When looking at the four commitments from the class of 2008, you'll notice some high quality, talented players. Most people view the Brandon Jennings, Jeff Withey, and Emmanuel Negedu trio as being one of the best in the history of the Arizona basketball program. However, what most people fail to realize is that Arizona has a very talented fourth member of that class, Brendan Lavender. had a chance to sit down with Brendan Lavender as signing day approached, and you could tell that excitement and confidence wasn't an issue with Lavender as his high school season approaches along with signing a letter of intent to play basketball for the University of Arizona.

Wildcat Insider: How are things going heading into your high school season?

Brendan Lavender: Things are going really, really good. I'm just working hard, getting ready for our first game which is this coming Monday. We play a scrappy team that's pretty good, so it should be a good challenge for us.

Wildcat Insider: How are your high school coaches planning on using you for the upcoming season?

Brendan Lavender: Most of our plays are set up to go through me, but my job is to either create something for others or to get myself a good shot. My coach has me playing more of a combo guard, which is something I prefer to do. It's nice to be able to do anything you want, and not get in trouble for what you do. You can come down, make a good pass, run the fast break, or take a good shot. I love playing that position.

Wildcat Insider: Knowing that you're going to be more of the man this year for your squad, are you going to change the way you go about things in your game?

Brendan Lavender: I definitely look forward to being more involved offensively, but defense is still my main goal. I've been working a lot on my defense lately, trying to get quicker and smarter on defense. I still want to be the best defensive player out there and shut the opposing team's best player down.

Wildcat Insider: Other than working on your defense, what other things are you looking to improve upon as you get closer and closer to your basketball career at U of A?

Brendan Lavender: We run a lot of drills in practice, so I'm just working hard at each one of those and trying to improve on every aspect of my game. Ball handling, shooting, defense, those are things I'm trying to improve upon on a daily basis.

Wildcat Insider: Getting back to your future as a Wildcat, do you intend on signing your letter of intent immediately?

Brendan Lavender: Yeah, I plan on signing on Wednesday (today). We haven't planned anything special like a press conference or anything, but I'll probably go out to eat with my family and do something special around it.

Wildcat Insider: Are you in constant contact with the Arizona coaching staff?

Brendan Lavender: Yeah, I am; It's mainly Coach Pastner as he's checking up on me, seeing how things are going. He's an awesome guy.

Wildcat Insider: Has Arizona approached you about what their plan is for you next year as a freshman?

Brendan Lavender: Yeah, they have. What they say is that they see a lot of potential for what I can do on the court, but I'm a bit passive at times. They just want me to get out of that shell I get into sometimes, and just go out and dominate. They just tell me to work real hard, and continue to do what I've been doing.

For the most part, I think I'll play the combo guard. I know Brandon Jennings is coming into Arizona with me, but wherever they put me at, I'm going to be happy.

Wildcat Insider: It was obvious that you were in and out of rankings throughout the summer. With that, are you going into your senior year of high school looking to prove that you belong in those rankings?

Brendan Lavender: I just feel that if I play my game throughout the year, everyone will be able to see how dominant I can be. I've improved so much, and worked on so many things that I feel I have so much confidence right now. I don't really buy into the rankings since most of it is politics, but I know that I have the ability to keep up with the best players out there, and the current Arizona players.

Wildcat Insider: Is there anything else you want to tell the Arizona Wildcat basketball nation?

Brendan Lavender: I'm just really, really excited to tell you the truth. I'm excited to be coached by Coach Olson, and the rest of the coaching staff. I can't wait to play on the court at U of A, and to show everyone how good we're going to be. I just cannot wait; I'm so excited.

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