Game Log: Cats down the Ducks

By now the nation knows what happened in Tucson last night. While watching the game I kept a running game log that wound up being pretty lengthy.

14:50 in the first
Arizona seems to be doing some interesting things with the DTs to contain Dixon. On the first play from scrimmage neither rushed and instead dropped back to contain the middle. The ends read the play well and hold Stewart to a one-yard gain.

13:25 in the first
Not so good on third down. The end bites and Dixon and Stewart have a ton of running room on the read option leading to a 17-yard gain.

13:10 in the first
The students showed up. Too bad the rest of Tucson seems to be confused about game time. A LOT of empty seats.

12:49 in the first
Cats hold on 3rd and 10, giving up an underneath route for seven. They will go for it.

12:24 in the first
The Cats old! No they don't. Dixon fakes out the Wildcat defense, most of the stadium and this writer. He appears to hand off to Stewart who is crushed by Louis Holmes. The only problem is Dixon keeps and races 40+ yards for the score. To make it worse, the Ducks go for two on another miss direction play and get the conversion. About the worst start the Cats could hope for, though it was nice to see Holmes hit someone.

12:13 in the first
Cats have to answer. They go to Gronk! on the first play. He nabs four.

11:43 in the first
Tuitama goes deep and throws a perfect pass…to an Oregon DB. A great diving catch leads to a turnover. Horrible start for the Cats. Couldn't be much worse.

10:23 in the first
Cats force another third and long and Oregon gets the first. Inexplicably Fontenot leaps, after the ball is caught, loses his opportunity at a tackle and the Ducks' 11-yard gain becomes about a 25 yarder.

9:36 in the first
Cats grab the momentum back and it is Nate Ness with the play. With Oregon facing a first ad short inside the five an Oregon receiver has a perfect pass bounce off his chest and deflect to Ness who returns it to the 45. What should have been a sure touchdown becomes good field position for the Cats.

8:21 in the first
Tuitama thinks he's Denis Dixon and on third and long runs for about 17 and the first down.

8:13 in the first
Quit bitching about the wide receiver screen. Thomas takes one, gets a Terrell Turner block, tightrope walks the side line and dives for the score. Suddenly it is an 8-7 game, not a 15-0 game.

With that play Thomas takes sole possession of second place for single season touchdown receptions and ties Richard Dice for fifth all-time in school history for touchdown receptions.

7:06 in the first
Arizona's tackling is pathetic right now and Oregon is just marching down the field. It has taken them about a minute to move 60 yards on the ground.

6:01 in the first
This game may have just taken a decidedly different turn. Dixon goes to plant and his entire knee buckles. Not sure how ad it is, although after nearly a minute on the ground he will walk off the field.

We now get Brady Leaf for at least one play.

5:13 in the first
Leaf competes a short pass but force the field goal. Kick is good, Cats are down 11-7.

4:29 in the first
Back to back plays to Gronkowski covering about 50 yards. Can you say freshman All-American? Can you say future NFL player.

2:42 in the first
Tuitama fires a bullet to Dela Dean on a crossing pattern and the RS frosh makes the play and gets the first down.

1:53 in the first
It appears they are bringing Dixon's father to the sideline, but it also looks like the Oregon QB is standing on the sideline.

1:26 in the first
Hey, guess what? The Cats throw two straight timing patterns in the corner of the endzone and are forced to settle for a field goal. Bondzio cuts it to one, 11-10 Oregon.

1:16 in the first
Cats with a nice chance to make something happen. Ducks start in bad field position and Brady Leaf is still at QB.

:14 in the first
Word is that Dixon is done for the night. This has just become Stewart's night.

15:00 in the second
Arizona Stadium is becoming a house of horrors for Oregon QBs. Remember two years ago both Kellen Clemmens and Dixon were knocked out of the game. If Dixon is indeed done, that would be at least three QBs in the past two visits.

14:45 in the second
A great senior night memory for Antoine Cason. He picks off Leaf and races untouched for 42 yards and the score. Uncle Mo has completely moved over to the East sideline and has donned a Wildcat cap.

The fans begin chanting "Antoine Cason!" and the crowd has come alive.

What is it with Nike and adding silver to uniforms? First the Cats have those duct tape looking patches on the shoulders of their hoop unis and the Ducks have silver names on their white unis. Very tough to see by the way, although they probably reflect light when jogging at night.

13:28 in the second
Ducks pick up the blitz, but the Oregon receiver can't pick up the ball and the Ducks will punt. It is our first of the night for either team.

12:03 in the second
The Ducks are flagged for 12-men on the field, but actually appear to have 13 players out there. Screw video taping another team's defensive signals, figure out a way to get 13-men on the field and that is an advantage.

11:34 in the second
Just a wonderful catch by Mike Thomas. Tuitama under throws the wide open Thomas. He snags it as it somehow passes through a diving Oregon safety. He makes a few moves, cuts to the inside and goes in for the score. To further pour salt on the wound, Gronkowski leveled an Oregon linebacker as Thomas was crossing the goal line. Replay shows that Thomas also got a great block by another receiver, possibly Dean, to help spring him.

7:45 in the second
Moments after they announced in the press box that the Cats had yet to punt, the Cats go three and out and have to punt. I would have placed a bet if I could have. You knew that was going to happen.

BTW the Cats just huddled before a punt, but don't huddle on offense. Sorta backwards, but it is working.

6:18 in the second
Senior night for Lionel Dotson. The Ducks will punt. They have less than 50 yards since Dixon left the game.

5:30 in the second
Did Cason just score again? There is a flag around the six yard line…but the officials pick it up! He fields a rolling punt at the around the 40, gets a tremendous block from Marquis Hundley and races down the right sideline for a 56-yard touchdown. Hard to believe but Cason's last game at Arizona stadium will blow away that first game which was awesome.

3:18 in the second
Oregon might be dangerous if they could catch. They have at least four drops tonight.

2:28 in the second
Brady Leaf will be releasing a DVD "What not to do when getting pressured." With Spencer Larsen all over him, Leaf attempted to throw, ended up dropping the ball behind him and the Ducks luckily recovered. Note to Brady, when a 250 pound linebacker is draped on your back, the best moves is to go down and live to fight another day.

1:08 in the second
We just had to straight shanked punts. First the Oregon punter, then Crier. Crier's actually went 21 yards.

:31 in the second
Oregon in business. Leaf looks a bit like his brother (WSU version) as he hits a wide open Jaison Williams for a long gain. Ducks have the ball at the UA 16.

:13 in the second
Cats hold, Oregon settles for the field goal. Cats still lead 31-14.

13:55 in the third
Tuitama just passed Jason Johnson for most passing yards in a season. His 3,338 yards is 11 more than the old mark set in 2002.

13:26 in the third
Pete Graniello wipes out a first down with a personal foul, illegal hands to the face. Cats face third and 25.

12:20 in the third
Remember how bad Ryan Leaf was in the NFL. Brady Leaf looks similarly bad. He was just flagged for grounding and put the Ducks in a heck of a hole.

Using Leaf and "suck" in the same sentence is not out of line at this point.

11:05 in the third
The Oregon punter shares a last name with a country on the terrorism watch list. Okay, it may be spelled S-Y-R-I-A, but it is pronounced Sigh-Ree-Uh.

10:47 in the third
For all of you Wildcat fans who have been wanting Tuitama to run more, the past play is a reason why not to. He is flushed from the pocket, rolls right and has the ball jarred loose. Oregon recovers and takes over at the UA 13.

10:38 in the third
Stewart's apparent TD is called back thanks to a hold. This puts the ball back in the hands of Leaf.

9:51 in the third
Leaf is about two inches away from throwing a pick to Cam Nelson. Nelson dives in front of a Duck receiver, but can't quite get his hands on the ball. Close, but not quite.

9:36 in the third
3rd and 18 and Leaf throws a nine-yard pass. I think it is safe to say that Leaf is the worst Oregon passer I have seen in a decade and a half. Leaf will not fit in the lineage of Akili Smith, Joey Harrington, Kellen Clemmens and Denis Dixon. Heck, Jason Maas and A.J. Feely were career back-ups in Eugene and played in the NFL.

8:59 in the third
The Arizona offense has not been good in the third quarter. This is only a 14-point game and the Cats now face a third and 10.

8:51 in the third
Tuitama keeps alive with his legs and completes a 23-yarder to Thomas on the sideline. First down!

3:24 in the third
Cats get their second first down of the half. Grigsby has a nice third down run out to midfield.

2:02 in the third
Cats have stagnated on offense this half. If it wasn't for the five downfield passes, you'd swear it was Dick Tomey's classic second half "playing not to lose" strategy. The Cats only lead by 14 and if anyone other than Brady Leaf was at QB, I'd be worried.

1:47 in the third
What do you call a wide receiver who can't catch? Tonight it is "Jaison Williams".

:50 in the third
I am not sure but the Wildcats' playbook seems to have two passing plays this half. Quick screen and throw long. Neither are working. They need one more score to make fans comfortable. Even Brady Leaf can get one TD and the defense has some playmakers. At this point a FG would probably ice it.

14:30 in the fourth
Think the saying "Brady Leaf bad" is used in Eugene?

Student 1: How did you do on the test?

Student 2: Bad.

Student 1: How bad? Student 2: Brady Leaf bad.

Student 1: Well, there's always junior college.

13:29 in the fourth
Oregon's best offensive play in the past 36 minutes, a fake punt that nets them 40 yards. However, they fumble it away and the Cats recover pending a review. The runner, Kwame Ageyman, is upended and fumbles as he is landing on his head. I am not sure if your head counts as being down or not.

The play stands, Cats ball.

Funny note, during the scrum a number of players were pointing to say their team had the ball, a common scene in a football game. There was one problem, UA's B.J. Dennard was pointing the wrong way.

12:19 in the fourth
Cats forced to punt again. On the previous drive Tuitama has Gronkowski wide open. His pass is slightly overthrown and Gronk! turns the wrong way to grab it. It should have gone for a long score, but instead is a frustrating incompletion.

11:12 in the fourth
Leaf has actually made a few plays and the Ducks are moving the ball. With the ay the Cats' offense is stalling, this could be a ballgame yet. The Ducks' best chance is to get the ball in Stewart's hands as much as possible.

10:54 in the fourth
Cats were awarded an Oregon fumble, but I don't think this one will stand. It looked like The Oregon player was down as he was stretching out for the first. I think we will be seeing the play overturned… Ducks rightly keep the ball and face a HUGE third and short.

Wait, we have to go back and look at the replay to see where to mark the ball.

10:18 in the fourth
By the way, Stewart is a beast. If the Ducks come back it will be because of him and the ineffective UA offense in the second half.

9:40 in the fourth
Cason drops an interception that could have gone the distance or at least a long way. He cut in front of a Duck WR and just could not haul in the ball.

9:04 in the fourth
A third and seven, becomes a third and two when Lionel Dotson makes contact with a lineman. Ducks get the first and their national title hopes are still alive.

8:28 in the fourth
It must suck to be a Duck fan. The difference between Dixon and Leaf is like going from Jessica Alba to Jessica Tandy, only if Jessica Tandy. Heck, Tandy may read defenses better than Leaf.

8:15 in the fourth
Spencer Larsen has 15 tackles. Way to show up on national television! By the way we are measuring for the first down. Ducks get it and will have first and goal at the two. Only Brady Leaf can screw this up.

7:53 in the fourth
Touchdown Ducks. This one just got interesting. Ducks are within seven, Cats can't run and they have not shown enough of offense to lead you to believe that they can get another score or at least run 5-6 minutes off the clock. The good news is the Ducks still have Brady Leaf. The Pinto of Pac-10 quarterbacks.

6:53 in the fourth
Cats with a huge first down. On third and five Tuitama finds Gronkowski on the cross and the big man gets the first and more. Cats are in Oregon territory. If they can get a field goal this one is probably over.

5:21 in the fourth
Our first questionable call of the night. Grigsby is brought down by one of the most flagrant facemasks you will ever see. His head was turned around Exorcist style, and no call. This is huge for the Ducks because it would have given the Cats an automatic first down, instead they face third and long.

4:55 in the fourth
The bad call may not matter. Cats get 12 and a half on third down and Grigsby gets the final six inches on a wonderful second effort on fourth and short. HUGE conversion on fourth.

4:30 in the fourth
Did the Cats just give it back. Tuitama slips on the hand off and Grigsby who coughs up the ball. Oregon recovers, but they will review it. Looks like Tuitama's knee was down BEFORE he hands off to Grigsby, but we will see. The Pac-10 has not exactly done a good job with replays the past few years. Just ask Oklahoma and Oregon State.

Yup, Cats keep the ball.

3:57 in the fourth
Nice third and long play. Tui hits Turner for 10. Not good enough for a first down, but it gets the Cats into FG range. They make it and the Cats should win.

3:45 in the fourth
Bondzio nails the FG. I am not sure but he may have turned around to go to midfield before the ball actually crossed the goal posts. Guess he knew it was good before we did.

3:18 in the fourth
I believe we have the first strains of the stupid "overrated" chant.

2:02 in the fourth
Brady Leaf misses a wide open Derrick Jones. Brady Leaf the Ishtar of Pac-10 quarterbacks.

2:00 in the fourth
The fans are starting to come out on the field. I can't tell you how much I detest rushing the field. Especially after you cheapened it when you rushed it after beating an average UCLA team two weeks ago.

1:55 in the fourth
Nate Ness ices things with his second pick. Brady Leaf…the Milwaukee's Best of Pac-10 quarterbacks.

1:15 in the fourth
Now the fans are all over the place. A small pocket are behind the Oregon bench taunting. This could get ugly.

:50 in the fourth
I am on the field waiting for post game interviews and there are tons of fans behind me waiting to rush the field. The question is do I hold my ground or run with them so as to not get run over?

:00 in the fourth
I hold my ground and the kids run around me. Maybe I am too used to the mosh pit, but I expected them to run over me. These punks on the west sideline wouldn't last five minutes at a metal show.

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