Ta'amu loved Tucson Visit

Arizona is always on the look out for the best linemen they can find to shore up the trenches. This past week the Wildcats hosted a bunch of trench workers and things could not have gone better for the Wildcats as they have landed one and look to be in solid shape for the rest.

One of those big dawgs for the line that made the trip is Alameda Ta'amu. The OL/DL from Rainier Beach High School in Seattle had a very good visit to the Old Pueblo and now the Cats are right in the mix for the four star standout.

"The trip was great," Ta'amu said. "I wanted to find out how cool the coaches were and how good the business school was at Arizona, that is something I might want to major in. I really liked the coaches and the players on the team. I know Arizona has a great business school so the visit was very good."

Ta'amu was quick to admit to rushing the field after the Wildcats' ended the 2nd ranked Oregon Ducks National Championship hopes.

"I was trampling with the crowd," Ta'amu said with a laugh. "That was great. I had never done anything like that before. It was like crazy and it was a great time."

Arizona was way at the bottom of Alameda's list prior to his visit to Tucson but now after the two day visit to the desert the Cats are right near the top for Alameda.

"Arizona was down my list pretty far," he said honestly. "But now they are really up there towards the top, probably second to Washington. Washington is not that far out ahead either, I really liked Arizona a lot. I talked to my mom about it and she is cool with it if that is what I decide. My family really wants to me to UW, but my father said it is my life and I need to do what is best for me."

Ta'amu is being recruited for both sides of the line; it just depends on which school you are talking about. Alameda says that he does not have a preference.

"Arizona is looking at me on offense but Washington wants me to play defensive tackle," he said. "I like defense better. I just want to go to where ever I can get on the field faster."

At Arizona, Alameda knows that he would have a chance to play early due to the lack of depth on the offensive line.

"The o-line at Arizona is not really that deep," he remarked. "The depth chart is small. They play from the start to the finish. And on defense they use a lot of the same guys too so I know I could play early there."

There is no time frame for a decision for Alameda as he will next most likely visit Hawaii.

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