Game Log: ASU makes more plays

For the third straight year the Wildcat lose to ASU. It was a game where the Cats were close but lacked the playmakers to get them over the hump. If you want to relive the game, here is a game log of all the action.

4:45 p.m.
Just spoke with John Moredich of the Tucson Citizen, he says it is cold, wet and windy. This one could look more like the Civil War in Oregon than the Dual in the Desert.

6:02 p.m.
Oregon blocks an Oregon State field goal attempt. If this one goes to overtime, ESPN2 won't be showing the kickoff of the UA/ASU game.

6:09 p.m.
Oregon misses a 53-yard field goal attempt that would give them the lead, but Oregon State is assessed a 15-yard penalty for "leaping and landing on another player". This will make it a 37-yarder and Oregon have a play to center the ball.

6:10 p.m.
They have to rush the field goal because they do not choose to spoke the ball and he misses again. It looks like overtime and the radio broadcast for the start of the game.

6:11 p.m.
ASU will start with the ball. Cats bring Rudy Burgess down around the 20, but we'll have a facemask on the Cats. In a game that field position could be a key, the Cats give a free 15-yards to the Devils.

6:14 p.m.
ASU already in UA territory thanks to an 11-yard pass.

6:15 p.m.
ASU fumble!!! Larsen with the recovery, Hall with the strip. Cats now take over in ASU territory. Good to see the Phoenix-area senior with a big play in his last chance to beat the Devils.

6:17 p.m.
Cats will have to punt. Crier puts a perfect punt inside the five and the Cats down the ball INSIDE the one!!!

6:22 p.m.
ASU inches short and will punt. The punt is short and the Cats will take over at the 41-yard line. Good field position for the second time, Cats have to get points. OSU/Oregon going to a second OT.

6:26 p.m.
Cats have the ball at the eight, OSU just scored, so pressure is on Oregon. No Duck score, and ESPN2 will start covering this game.

6:27 p.m.
Cats now inside the one. Cats will face third and goal at the one.

6:28 p.m.
Cats go with the jumbo package, run the play action and Tuitama finds Gronkowski for the score.

6:56 in the first
Jeff Van Raaphorst introduces the Sun Devil offense. Let's hope the Cats can do better. They played pretty well when Taryne Mowatt did it.

Speaking of UA female athletes, it looks like Amanda Beard is a Go Daddy girl now.

5:36 in the first
Tedy Bruschi will introduce the Cats. Hmmm, Van Raaphorst or Bruschi? Cats win.

3:14 in the first
Cats appear to have ASU stopped, but they get called for another facemask. First down for ASU.

1:53 in the first
Cats can't get the sack, but thanks to pressure by Dotson, Rudy is flushed and Jason Parker pops him as he releases an incompletion.

14:49 in the second
The Cats have their third facemask. That is more than they had all year. It will give ASU a first and two.

13:54 in the second
The replay officials overturn a close play on the sideline, giving the Devils a catch. Mike Stoops goes a little crazy, but it seems to be the right call.

13:22 in the second
For the first time all game the Devils are putting a drive together. They are at the UA 30 and have been dinking and dunking. They convert on third and one when the RB bounces to the outside. ASU is really getting a push up front for the first time all game.

11:33 in the second
Another 3rd and one and another Nance first down. First and goal. Cats need to stiffen. ASU has totally stolen the momentum.

10:21 in the second
14th play of the drive and it is a big one. Third and goal.

10:06 in the second
You have to be $#!%ing me. Carpenter is flushed, throws a jump ball, shovel pass that a Devil somehow comes down with. It had to be the most ill advised, good play I have ever seen. Carpenter just tosses the ball into a see of players and the tallest one comes down with it.

Not the way Erickson drew it up, but somewhere Jake Plummer is smiling.

9:59 in the second
Cats fake the reverse on the kickoff. It fakes the cameraman more than the Devils, but Money Mike does get out to the 28. Good starting position.

8:32 in the second
Thomas on the reverse and thanks to a great block by Earl Mitchell, Thomas goes down to the 20. a HUGE 37-yard run for the Cats.

7:00 in the second
Tuitama tries the lob pass to the endzone, but a Sun Devil is waiting and picks it off. If there is one complaint I have about the Cats' offense it is the overuse of the timing pass to the corner of the endzone. In this case the pass was not deep enough and the receiver was not even close. Just a bad throw. Cats squander a great opportunity.

4:52 in the second
Cats dominated the line of scrimmage in the first half, but the ASU line is blowing the Cats off the line in the second quarter. ASU is now running wild, cats no longer swarming to the ball. 4:39 in the second
Chris McGaha makes one of the most athletic, acrobatic catches you have ever seen. He reaches up, spins around and lands at the one. There is a chance his foot hits out of bounds before his knee hits in bounds, but I think it is a catch.

4:34 in the second
Catch stands (right call) but the good news is that Spencer Larsen gets to pop Carpenter in the mouth as he tries to leap over the pile on first and goal.

3:50 in the second
Larsen with another big stop on second and goal at the one. He forces a third and goal from about the two.

3:11 in the second
Carpenter tries the shovel flip again, and just barely avoids disaster. He tosses the ball to Cason, who has it knocked away at the last second. In fact, Cason should have had it. ASU will try for a field goal, though you have to expect a fake in a game like this.

3:06 in the second
ASU does kick and it is good. ASU leads 10-7. We'll see if the dropped pick comes back to hurt the Cats.

3:01 in the second
ASU players and fans are bickering apparently. That can't be a good sign. It is one thing to fight with the other team, even another to see teammates bicker, but to get into a shouting match with your own fans? That can't be good for the psyche.

2:45 in the second
Mike Thomas has a long bomb hit him in the chest and he fails to catch it. It would have been a tough grab, but one you have to make in this type of game.

2:22 in the second
Grigsby with a drop in the flats. You can't make these kinds of errors on the road against a ranked team. Cats catch a break with an offsides on the next play, so they will face third and five instead of third and 10.

2:14 in the second
Cats convert, but there is a holding call. This looks like the bad Arizona team of the first half. First and 10 becomes third and 15.

1:49 in the second
Referees must hate Grigsby. For the second time this season they miss a blatant facemask on the freshman.

1:41 in the second
ASU's punt returner muffs the punt, but scoops it up and scoots to the 43-yard line. They have a legit chance to add more points.

1:31 in the second
Spencer almost gets a pick for a score on the previous play (just a tad out of reach) so he follows it up with a sack of Carpenter.

14:30 in the third
Cats go for the homerun ball on the first play from scrimmage and a tip leads to a pick and a long ASU return has them inside Arizona territory.

12:54 in the third
If another diving catch stands, then the Devils will be making all of the plays, while the Cats aren't making enough of them. Cats are dropping balls, while Devils have made three spectacular catches.

11:51 in the third
Cats force another third and goal. They stuff the run on first down and Cason breaks up the pass on second.

11:44 in the third
Nate Ness with a HUGE play. He strips the ball away at the last second on what appeared to be a touchdown catch. It will be reviewed and it is close, but I think Ness makes the play on the much taller receiver… Not enough evidence to overturn. Cats seem to hold again. It was a VERY close play, but the receiver had the ball pinned to his shoulder pad and it is deemed to not be possession of the ball.

Devils settle for three.

Chad Johnson just did a GoDaddy ad and his OSU Beavers won their rivalry game. UA alum Beard has been in a few GoDaddy ads tonight, hopefully that is the good luck charm.

11:15 in the third
Cats have fallen in love with the deep ball and it is killing them on time of possession. They have run just four plays this quarter. ASU is going to wear down the UA defense at this rate.

9:31 in the third
Cats needed a play and got one...from Cason. After letting a booming punt drop, Cason scoops it up, gets some blocks and races to about the 30.

9:30 in the third
What do you know, Anthony Johnson drops a pass.

9:15 in the third
Thanks to a near sack and fumble, the Cats are out of field goal range. ASU actually recovered the fumble, but it was out of bounds.

8:09 in the third
After a nice Johnson catch on third down Cats settle for the field goal but it is blocked. Cats look like the team that lost to Stanford and New Mexico, minus the offense.

8:03 in the third
Cats just can't make the big plays. Cam Nelson has a chance at a tough interception off of a Rudy Burgess drop, but can't haul it in. It would have been tough, but to win this game you have to make the tough play. You don't upset a top-15 team on the road without some big time plays.

6:13 in the third
Apparently no one wants to win the national title. WVU just went for it on fourth and four at the Pitt 27 and came up a yard short. Missouri is tied with OU. Can we just give it to Hawaii.

5:20 in the third
Tuitama is swarmed and fumbles. ASU recovers. Cats can't put anything together this half.

5:15 in the third
ASU almost gives it right back. He fumbles the snap, but dives on it.

4:27 in the third
Cats swarm Carpenter and he goes down. Defense is playing well enough to win. Larsen is playing like a man possessed. 3:39 in the third
Another drop. This time Dela Dean for what would have been a first down. Cats again face third and long.

3:34 in the third
Another third down, another touch pass over the top. Tough play and Cats can't make it. Cats will punt again.

2:00 in the third
Finally a team converts on third down, but unfortunately for Wildcat fans it is ASU. It is as if neither team want this game.

1:35 in the third
Carpenter with a PERFECT play action but ASU's Kyle Williams drops a sure, sure fire TD. Perfect play fake, perfect throw, perfect drop. Huge play in this contest if ASU fails to get the TD.

:20 in the third
Holmes may not play in the NFL, but he just showed the WWE that he could execute the body slam. He just picked up and slammed the ASU ball carrier to the turf. I think he could have gotten the pin fall.

:00 in the third
Barring a major mistake by Pitt, WVU just lost their chance to play for the national title. Pat White threw a terrible pass on fourth and 14.

14:42 in the fourth
Cats force a punt, they take over at their own eight. My question is where has Gronkowski been this game?

13:58 in the fourth
Cats cannot run the ball. They need to throw more short passes and inexplicably, they haven't. All year they throw the receiver screen over and over, tonight, maybe twice.

12:28 in the fourth
Shovel pass to Grigsby gets good yards. He also has a five-yard gain the play before.

12:15 in the fourth
Another pass hits a UA receiver in his hands. It would have been a tough catch for Terrell Turner, but it could have been caught.

12:06 in the fourth
Tuitama pulls a Rudy…no, he doesn't get drilled, he throws a shovel pass while on the run and gets the Cats a much needed first down. Cats on the move.

11:40 in the fourth
One thing I like about Grigsby is he does not quit on short yardage plays. He just fought for a second effort and gives the Cats a first down in ASU territory. He keeps his legs moving and does not go down easy.

10:25 in the fourth
Cats moving backwards. Tuitama sacked, then a delay of game penalty. Cats now back in their own territory, 2nd and 24.

9:57 in the fourth
Finally someone makes a play. Tuitama avoids a sack and finds Thomas down field and he makes a catch while falling backwards. Cats now in business at the 20.

9:26 in the fourth
Finally a receiver screen and it nets about six. Better than the average first down run has been. A little rhythm now.

8:52 in the fourth
Another pass off a UA receiver's hands. This time Mike Turner can't make a diving catch. They settle for a Bondzio field goal. Cats within three, 13-10.

5:29 in the fourth
What is the difference between ASU and UA? Guys who makes plays. Carpenter runs for his life, throws a prayer and Brent Miller tips the jump ball to himself and comes up with a big first down. Cats must get the stop if they hope to win.

4:27 in the fourth
Perfect pass, ASU score. Cats anemic offense will do them in again in this game. They actually scored more last season. Cats have to double their score in less than five minutes.

4:16 in the fourth
Cats get a play from Thomas. He fakes the reverse again on the kick off and sprints to the ASU 45. They need to score in the next 1:30 or so to have a chance to get the ball back.

3:19 in the fourth
Yet another drop. Third and long.

Even worse, Cats blow a much needed time out. Just poor execution.

3:09 in the fourth
Finally Cats go to Gronkowski. Tuitama, again, buys time with his legs and finds the wide open tight end. They now have first and goal at the six. Why have they not gone to the big man more? 2:10 in the fourth
On fourth and goal at the two, Cats go for it. Jennings drops it and the Cats will lose. A total lack of senior leadership on offense. Both Jennings and Johnson failed to make plays when they had opportunities.

1:51 in the fourth
Cats about six inches from a safety. ASU runner hit in endzone, but stretches out to get the ball over the goal line.

1:21 in the fourth
Here is the re-set. ASU inside their own two. Having to punt and the Cats down two scores. They need a big play here. Either a safety, a block or a long return. That is about their only hope.

1:11 in the fourth
Cats take over at the ASU 35. Needs to score in about :30 or less. A long pass to Thomas has the ball at the 18. Probably need a TD in the next two or three plays.

:53 in the fourth
Quick pass to Thomas who gets out of bounds. Second and four at the eleven.

:43 in the fourth
Two terrible passes in a row by Willie, but ASU is flagged for pass interference giving the Cats extra life. Must score now.

:36 in the fourth
Seven second run off the clock. Cats have to score because it is easier to kick a field goal off of the onsides kick than get the td.

:31 in the fourth
Thomas catches it, but out of bounds. Third and goal now.

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