On The Road: LA to the Bay

Sunnyvale, Calif. - We've reached our destination and half of the fun was being able to take pictures along the way. Here's a pictorial of the SoCal to NoCal trip that we made in record time. The really good pictures come tomorrow when we visit the beautiful Stanford campus.

Ben and Brad with Eric taking the picture before departure

"Learn to Swim"

The funny thing is that it's actually sunny outside in the "Big Smog"

Idiots like this guy (going 70+ MPH) make the LA freeways an adventure

Sometimes Californians spend their money a little unwisely. Like on this bear atop a dumpster

From smoggy and ugly to majestic and picturesque in just five minutes' time!

The sign said "Speed Limit 35"...but we were in a hurry.

Hey CatEye, how did we possibly miss THIS sign? It's huge.

Ben and Brad filling up Doug's CatMobile. Eric taking the shot.

Apparently we took a wrong turn and wound up in Spokane. There was no sign of Corey Violette or Zach Gourde anywhere, though.

{More pictures to come tomorrow along with some interesting stories along the way}.

-Ben, Brad and Eric (Garves).

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