On the road: Stanford pictorial, part II

Palo Alto, Calif. - So the football game wasn't worth the 13-hour drive, big deal. Touring around the Stanford campus and spending a long evening out on the town in San Francisco made the drive seem secondary. Here are some pictures from Stanford.

Ben stands outside the beautiful Stanford Chapel

The Chapel hosts four weddings each Saturday and only those with Stanford connections are allowed to get married inside

Another view inside the Chapel, this time of the stained glass windows

From the observation deck, a view of the Chapel below

A view of the 285-foot Roosevelt Tower

Panoramic view from the Tower's observation deck. In the distance is Stanford Stadium

Ben on the 250-foot observation deck Acrophobia?

Eric had no fear of the height

View of the fountain below the Roosevelt Tower

Ben - the guy who picks Stanford to finish 9th in the Pac-10 this year - sitting on top of the Maples Pavilion sign.

This Stanford player was injured in front of Ben and was overheard saying, "I think I tore my sack!"

{This is the end of the Stanford trip coverage as we are about to return to Tucson. Cattracks will have many more of these photo documentaries in the coming weeks and months on our trips following the Wildcats}.

We had a great time.
Ben Hansen
Brad Allis
Eric Garves

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