Hoop Notes: Fresno State

Wildcat Coach Kevin O'Neill had a press conference on Thursday. He discussed the team's practice schedule and the Fresno Bulldogs. Here are the highlights.

*Cats won't start preparing for Fresno specifically until Friday. KO says that his teams do no team specific work until two days out.

*KO and players all mentioned that they continue to implement new aspects of the offense and defense during long stretches without a game, but were not specific.

*Fresno makes first trip to Tucson since 1980. It is the first game between the two since 1981. The Bulldogs lead the series 3-2.

*O'Neill mentioned that he has mellowed since he was last a college coach. Mentioned that he used to practice his Marquette teams after games or after arriving home from road trip.

*Fendi Onobun is back and was cleared for the Illinois game. Not 100% sure he will be cleared for the Bulldogs, but most likely he will be. The bigger issue is not the injury but conditioning and knowing the offense and defense that has been installed since he's been out.

*After nearly a week off, the Cats will have three games in eight days. O'Neill said he prefers that, although the week off came at a good time. Not only did the players have finals, but the team could practice without having to work on a specific team.

*Assuming the Cats play well the next three days, they will get four days off for Christmas. If they play poorly, they could find themselves with some practices around the holiday.

*The players mentioned that they were surprised by the departure of LLP. He did not tell his teammates and they found out when they discovered his locker was cleared out. A few players speculated that he was not happy, but had no details.

*KO mentioned that he was a little surprised that LLP left. He complimented LLP on his ability and personality.

*The Fresno State press release had Lute Olson and KO's names misspelled in the same paragraph. They had Olson spelled with an "E", while they left an "L". Later in the release O'Neill's name was spelled correct, but Olson's was misspelled a second time.

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