UA/UW postgame quotes

It was a tough loss for the Wildcats. Here are some of the post game quotes.

Head Coach Kevin O'Neill

General Statement: "They had a great game plan. They looked at our team and did what I would do to our team. They've got ten or 11 guys that they really just keep rotating in and out. There are no consequences for them; we've only got one penetrating guard. It really puts us in a position out there where Jerryd [Bayless] is kind of stuck out there with the ball. We ran a lot of stuff, ball screens and all that, and we just couldn't generate enough offense. I thought defensively we were okay, we kind of fell apart at different times in the second half. You just look at the bench points; 23-3. You look at the last game at Stanford it was 22-0. It's one of those things where it's a problem. We lost Chase [Budinger] when he got in foul trouble and it really was a problem. Jerryd, Jordan [Hill] and Chase all with foul trouble in the first half. I'll be honest with you; I don't know who to play. We've got what we've got and we've got to find a way to win two or three more games down the stretch here."

On getting close in the second half: "Well we downsized to four small guards and just tried to drive in a kick it. A lot of our bigs were ineffective around the basket and we had some chances to finish but we just didn't. We missed ten free throws and had 17 turnovers. What we've got to do is keep plugging here and stay together. I told our guys, `just keep taking a business-like approach to the games and keep winning as many as you can down the stretch.' Washington earned the win tonight and what we've got to do is go down to Washington State on Saturday and get one there."

On Jerryd Bayless: "Everybody plays us the same now. Without Nic [Wise], they don't leave Jerryd and Chase and when they catch it, they run somebody right at them. I thought Jawann [McClellan] came up big for us and played a heck of a game. We're just not getting the production we need from other people and that's not their problem, it's just the way it is. We've just got to go play this one down in [Pullman] and see what happens."

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar:

On Venoy Overton: "I know that is what he is capable of doing. Tonight he was very focused. Athletes have a lot of pride. I think in Arizona Jerryd Bayless got away from us and Venoy was guarding him. I think Venoy was very inspired to play his best basketball. Venoy Overton was outstanding both on the offensive and defensive ends tonight."

On the right guys being at the free throw line: "Tonight the right guys were there because they were hitting them. Justin hadn't been shooting as well as he can, but tonight he did. Those were more `gamer' free throws than anything."

On Chase Budinger: "He was in foul trouble. Sometimes when I guy gets in foul trouble it doesn't just hurt him on the defensive end, but on offense as well. I commend our guys because we were ready to play."

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