Gotta start winning

Most of the bracket projections have Arizona still in. I hate to be a pessimist, but I don't see it. Maybe I am just a negative nelly, but it looks to me like the Gatos got some work to do.

I know, I know, the SOS and RPI are really good, but the Cats aren't. Unless they turn stuff around, they are limping to the finish. Most say 9-9 in conference assures them of a bid. I say not so fast.'s Frank Burlison has them as a nine. Again, I think that is wishful thinking. Frank knows what he is doing, but he may be spreading the Pac-10 love a little thick. A nine? Maybe prior to the tip in Seattle, but not after. Not in my mind.

They could still get a nine, heck a great run could get them even better, but right now they need some wins or else we are talking N.I.T.

This is a team that is sub .500 in the Pac-10. I know the Pac-10 is good, but c'mon this is Arizona we're talking about. They have lost four of five. That's terrible. I know we all think the Pac-10 is a great conference but the NCAA computers have it ranked #3. Is a sub .500 record in a third best conference good enough?

I don't think so.

Is a .500 record in the third best conference enough?

If Arizona gets to 19 wins we can talk. If they get to 20 thanks to a win or two in the Pac-10 Tournament, then we can all feel good about things.

Even if the NCAA really has a West Coast bias (which they don't), they can't ignore a 20-win Arizona. Not with the top SOS and a solid RPI.

Of course, I don't think the SOS and RPI mean all that much. It sure didn't help Zona's seed last year, or the year before, or in 2004. I think it gets taken into account, but you gotta bet that the last 10 games and where they finish in the conference will be taken more seriously.

Sure wins at UNLV and Illinois are nice, but that happened in December folks. The NCAA wants to seed a tournament by what you do in February and March. So far it hasn't looked too good. Losses to ASU and Washington are not good. Hell, they've been swept by a good Stanford team and an average ASU team that is in the same boat as the Cats.

This team aint done, but they better start winning. You can only hang your hat on the RPI for so long. You can only take the injury excuse so far.

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