Injuries plague scrimmage

The Cats opened up McKale again for a public scrimmage. Those in attendance got to see some highlight reel plays, but they also saw two Wildcats injure themselves. Sloppy play was the norm but a few players had outstanding games.

Channing Frye was the big star of the day. The sophomore center was 10-of-11 from the field with 21 rebounds. Jason Gardner added 13 assists and five steals.

"He (Frye) had a a great day," said Lute Olson. "It's not great that it was one of our guys he was playing against."

 Battles on the boards are heated as rebounding is a key to earning playing time.

Playing opposite of Frye was Isaiah Fox. Fox had 14 rebounds for the day. Fox's teammate Rick Anderson had 11 boards of his own.

"Those two were pretty solid," Olson said.

 Making free throws is also vital.

The bad news is that Luke Walton dislocated a finger on his non-shooting hand and Salim Stoudamire aggrivated his injured ankle. Neither injury is thought to be serious. In fact Stoudamire could have continued had it been a real game.

"We need Salim because of his consistency,the way he has been shooting," Olson said.  The coaches were watching the defensive pressure.

Practice has been rough on the team and they will get two days off.

"We've been really demanding, we've been really working on the full-court press," said Olson. "This week we've seen definite progress. They are not as ready to play games as they think they are. This week I thought we were a lot better than we were a week ago. Let's see what happens next week with the game at night. They should be a lot fresher for the Red and Blue game."

 Rodney Tention spent a lot of time coaching the white team.

 The battles have been fierce.

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