Game Talk: OSU crushes Arizona

The Wildcats' woes against Oregon State continue. For the third straight year the team has been blown out by the Beavers. The Cats are now on the ropes, any hope of a bowl game dashed. Head Coach John Mackovic had a few statements to make after the game.

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On the close game:

On Oregon State:

"I knew it was going to be tough sledding. We didn't match up well with them here last year and we were concerned whether it would be like that again this year. Their defensive front was just too strong for us. They just overpowered us.

"Early in the game we gave them a 14-point lead in the first quarter, which was similar to a year ago. We weren't able to protect the passer and get much going there.

The defense gave up a lot of big plays and I didn't realize until I read the first half stats that they had over 300 yards of total offense in the first half. They pretty much had their way the early part of the game. The second half we came out and played hard but they weren't really trying to put up points by that time." Oregon State started off nine drives in Arizona field position.
"That was our highest priority knowing they like to play field position, especially in this stadium. They like to get field position and to pin you deep and then just wear on you and break you a little bit. They've done that against other teams and they did that today." What do you day to the team?
"What we told them at halftime, we went through what wasn't going right, but we talked about staying in there and fighting and not laying down. It's hard to measure everybody's heart, but I don't question that they'd like to would love to play better and do more. As we came in the locker room today there weren't a lot of post-game talks. At this point they just need to feel like people care about them. I just went around the room, in fact I went around myself twice and I know the other coaches went around and just kind of patted them on the back and talked to them in small groups and let them know that next week we have another game and we still have things to do. We have a lot of things we can learn and get out of this." Nic Costa saw extended action. The freshman quarterback was just 1-for-5 for 11 yards.
"Nic needed to play and he needs to play some more here to see how he comes with his development. Hopefully we can play him some more these last three weeks."

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