Game Talk: Red/Blue

The Wildcats are now ready to face someone else. The Red/Blue game got the season started and in less than a week the exhibition games begin. Lute Olson and the rest of the team had some thoughts on the Red/Blue scrimmage and the upcoming season.

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Lute Olson:
"The Blue had 21 rebounds, so obviously they did a good job of that. Isaiah (Fox) did a good job neutralizing Channing (Frye). There were eight offensive rebounds by Fox and one by Channing (Frye). The battle was won by Isaiah."

"The Red team ran the Blue team off the court in the second half. The good thing is that coach Rosborough will break everything down. Like I said, this was a dress rehearsal. There were ten guys on the floor tonight, but when we play next Tuesday there will only be five."

"I'm not at all happy with the Blue team, they didn't run the lanes well and the point guards had no one to pass to."

"This is the first day that Luke (Walton) has played since last Friday and you could tell. He was off Saturday and Sunday and he didn't practice due to an injury on Monday or Tuesday. (Walton) has got to get in shape. Andre (Iguodala) just burned him in the second half."

"I was impressed with the freshmen as a whole. Andre (Iguodala) played well, Chris Rodgers played well and Chris Dunn also did a nice job. This isn't a knock on Hassan. He just has to move better without the basketball." "We've had a rigorous practice schedule lately and that was evident tonight. Guys have to go full speed, but you could tell that some of the guys paced themselves. We can't afford that."

"Jason (Gardner) had an assist to turnover ration of either three or four to one. He had three turnovers to two steals. Turnover loss to recovery was either even or ahead. In the second half he got the ball down quickly, but he was not making hard cuts. We want to make sure he drives the lane better."

"In the second half, you could say that four of the five Red team players outplayed the Blue players. The only exception to that would be Isaiah Fox."

Senior Guard Jason Gardner:
"I thought that everyone played well tonight. I feel really good about how the freshmen played. They went out there and made things happen."

"It was a lot of fun and very competitive. We went on our runs, but they (Blue team) hit a lot of good shots."

"We are still getting used to each other, but we have a lot of fun. It will be different when we finally get out there and play another team. I think that we will play a lot more together against another competitor. Coach Olson will get everyone more playing time, and it will just be a matter of putting the guys on the court to get the job done when we open the season against Western Kentucky."

Freshman Guard Hassan Adams:
"I had a great time out there tonight. My team didn't come out on top, but we had fun. It was great to play in front of a crowd like that. It helps us want to play to win."

"I thought I could have played better defensively and picked up a few more rebounds. Playing against each other is getting a little old, but it will be good for us when we play a new opponent."

"The up-tempo game suits my style of play, but we are just out there to play to win."

Sophomore Center Channing Frye:
"This game was a good chance for us to have a dress rehearsal. It will help us get rid of some of our bad habits, and it showed us what we still need to work out."

"It is really good to let people see us play in front of a big crowd like we had tonight."

"All of our big guys can play different positions. That will help us when we get into the regular season. I battle everyday in practice with Isaiah Fox. It helps us to try and get better."

"It is fun to play against each other because it makes us better players. We will be ready for any game. I am looking forward to playing some different teams though. We will get a chance to feel each other out as a group of five when we play against some other teams."

Sophomore guard Will Bynum:
"I think we played well as a team. Games like this do nothing but make us better. It was good to come out and compete."

Sophomore Forward Dennis Latimore:
"They (the freshmen) played all right. They were a little nervous, but that will get better and they'll be all right."

"I'm really excited to go up against some other guys. We're all a little sick of playing against the same guys every day."

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