---Jarvie Worcester, Wildcat safety. "> ---Jarvie Worcester, Wildcat safety. ">

Game Talk: UCLA 37, Arizona 7

"Playing college football is the greatest thing on earth. I've had an unbelievable time. I'm so fortunate to play this game. I'm grateful that people here gave me the opportunity to play here."<BR> ---Jarvie Worcester, Wildcat safety.

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Nic Costa:
"I didn't know when I was going to play. I knew I was going to play and that it would be a series at a time. I know that Jason (Johnson) is the starter and I'm the backup. I just want to get some experience. It felt really good to play tonight. It felt good to throw the touchdown to Andrae (Thurman). Tonight I was playing more like myself.

Bobby Wade:
"No matter if we win or lose, we have to rally. These are guys with great character. Regardless of anything, we play hard and try to get things done."

Jason Johnson:
"UCLA was the better team tonight. Nic (Costa) is a great athlete. He showed great potential tonight. It was great to see him get some time."

UCLA Head Coach Bob Toledo:
"I told the guys in the locker room that only two UCLA teams have won five road games. This is a big feat for them and they should be proud.

"The media may say that we have a quarterback controversy, but I think we have a nice situation. I look at it that we have some great depth. All three of our quarterbacks get along well and work well together."

John Mackovic:
"You're playing for personal pride. You're trying to get some sense of accomplishment. If nothing else then you fought yourself out of a real deep well. There's a lot of personal pride involved. They've put a lot into it and they've had to overcome and endure."

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