Shakur comfortable being a Cat

"Cat Tracks On The Air", the radio version of Cat Tracks had a signing day party on Wednesday. The two-hour event included visits by Josh Pastner and Rodney Tention along with interviews of all three of the Wildcat signees. Here is an excerpt of the interview with Mustafa Shakur along with Coach Tention's comments on the talented point guard.

Shakur Interview:

Doug Carr: You started showing interest in the Wildcats a year ago. Tell us a little bit about the process of selecting Arizona.

Mustafa Shakur: I started getting recruited by them (Arizona) a year and two months ago. I knew of the tradition and the players of the past. I know the players who have signed there, so it was real interesting to me to see how I could fit in there.

Brad Allis: How big of a factor was the legacy of Arizona point guards in the pros to your decision?

Shakur: It was a factor, but I have to go off of the present. I can't live off of other players. I think I can be my own person.

Carr: How influential was your actual visit to Tucson and the University of Arizona?

 Shakur: It was very influential because I saw that all of the players did just about everything together. They are a very close-knit team and that really attracted me to Arizona.

Arizona assistant coach Rodney Tention: Since the recruiting process is over how have things been going for you and how are things going at school?

Shakur: I'm glad it is over. It's been a lot different since I committed. A lot of new people approach me about it, just showing their support. It's been pretty good so far.

Carr: What do you want to work on before you get to Arizona?

Shakur: My jump shot. I have a hitch in my jump shot. Sometimes I shoot it at the top of my jump and sometimes I don't. That's something I can improve on. Just everything really, I think I can improve on everything.

Allis: What is the perception of Arizona basketball out there on the East Coast?

Shakur: In Philly we know of Arizona. They won the championship in 1997. It's a world wide game and everybody understands the great guards who have come through there. There's really no one who has said, "why is he going to Arizona?" There isn't anyone like that, people understood.

Carr: You chose between Arizona and NC State at the end. What was it about those two schools that you liked?

Shakur: Villanova would have been in the running as well but they decided to sign Mike Nardi early because I wasn't ready to decide. North Carolina State is an up and coming team with a good coaching staff as well. At Arizona I felt a lot more comfortable. I thought it was the place for me.

Tention's Analysis:

"He's got great, great size at 6-3. He's a great young man, very polite. He's got a very good family background. He's a true point guard at 6-3. Not that he couldn't play the two-guard, but he's so good at the point. He's so good at leading his team and getting guys the ball. He's a pass first guy, something you don't see a lot of. He makes sure every guy gets touches and does the right thing. He's one that is going to be special for us."

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