UA and Walters, a good fit

Kirk Walters came from out of nowhere to catch the eye of the Wildcat coaching staff. Cat Tracks interviewed Walters on Wenesday night as part of the "Cat Tracks On The Air" radio show. Here is an transcript of the interview.

Doug Carr: You had a very interesting recruiting process. You went from a virtual unknown to a top target almost overnight. Could you explain how the process went?

Kirk Walters: It started out that I was mainly being recruited by a lot of the schools that are right around where my high school is. Central and Western Michigan, a lot of the MAC teams. Then with my AAU team I went to the Big Time Tournament in Las Vegas and after a couple of games I heard some recruiting guys saying that some of the major schools were interested in me. I didn't really believe it at first. Then when I got home I started getting the calls. When I heard from Arizona they basically told me that they were looking at the point guard on my AAU team, Brandon Bell. They saw me play once and liked what they saw, so they watched a few more games.

Carr: Talking to you during the process it almost seemed as if you were embarrassed to be recruited by Arizona. How strange was it to have a top flight program showing you attention?

Walters: I really didn't see it coming. When you go to something like that (Big Time Tournament) there is so much exposure that I think a lot of kids play for the exposure. I really didn't think of that, I just went because I heard it was such a great experience from all of other guys who went. I guess that occurred to me afterwards and it's great.

Brad Allis: You attended Midnight Madness as part of your official visit to Tucson. How did that event and the whole trip affected your decision?

Walters: That was great. My main concern was meeting the players and the coaches. I really wanted to mesh well with the players and the coaches so I could have the best four years there. It was really settling just to see all of the players and to talk to them. I had a great time down there, it was a blast.

Carr: I know a concern of your family was the distance from home. Was it a tough decision to move so far away?

Walters: At first it really was a concern. At first the schools I was looking at were two hours from my house, forty-five minutes away from my house. I just began to look at it from the fact that no matter how close I am I'll be gone a lot of the time. It was just an opportunity I couldn't pass up. Then I just had to go and see it for myself.

Allis: Are you going to be a marked man this season because now you are the guy going to Arizona?

Walters: Yeah, that's one thing I'll have to face. If I don't play good there'll be a lot of people who say, "why did Arizona recruit him?"

Carr: Some other teams got involved late, including some closer to Grand Rapids. Why did Arizona get the nod over them?

Walters: It just felt like a better fit. I just felt more comfortable with the Arizona coaches, they are all great guys.

Carr: You haven't gotten much recognition until recently, why do you think that is?

Walters: I've always played basketball, but I've just never played outside of the state. So that's mainly why all the schools that recruited me early on were near me. I played on a smaller AAU team a year ago and this year my brother-in-law told me it would be smart to try and get on a travelling team and get some exposure.

Carr: What do you hope to improve on during your senior year?

Walters: Mainly getting a feel for the game. Playing the game more and more. Focus on the little things and just get better and better.

Carr: How will your team do this year?

Walters: We should be pretty good. We have all five starters back from last year when we made it to the state championship but lost by five points. We should have a great year.

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